Best EDC Flashlight

An EDC flashlight is one of the most crucial everyday carry items you’ll need. They are more portable and convenient than tactical flashlights, and can instead fit into your pocket or even on a keychain. Having a flashlight on you at all times will help you to stay safe in an emergency, and could even save your life during serious disasters. But what are the best EDC flashlights to choose from? Find out in our top 5 picks and product reviews.... [Read More]

Best Survival Axe

Axes are one of the most useful, multifunctional tools that a survivalist should possess. There are several factors to consider when deciding on the best survival axe for you. Choosing the wrong axe could be detrimental to your survival. Axes can have many different uses, from chopping wood, to hunting, to killing zombies, so it's crucial that you aren't left with a low-quality axe. We know you want the best so we took 5 products and put them to the test for you so you can choose the best survival axe. ... [Read More]

Best Hunting Flashlight

Hunting flashlights are more advanced compared to your standard flashlights; they are designed specifically for hunting and can increase your chances of survival. Is there a best hunting flashlight? Check out our top 5 picks for hunting flashlights and you be the judge. ... [Read More]

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