Top 5 Survival Items

Do you think you know how to survive in the wild? If we asked you what the top 5 survival items would be, how likely are you to get all 5 correct? Find out what we suggest are the top 5 survival items every prepper should have at all times. ... [Read More]

Best Survival Machete

Survival machetes are one of the most popular items a survivalist, prepper or outdoorsman can be found with. This is due to the extreme practicality of a survival machete. They can be used to fell trees, gather fire wood, build shelters, self defense and when speaking of self defense, the survival machete never needs reloaded. When choosing the best survival machete, there are several factors you will need to consider. So we put together our honest reviews to help you find the best survival machete. ... [Read More]

Best Bushcraft Knife

The go-to weapon for many survivalist is their bushcraft knife. Here we will outline what you should look for in a bushcraft knife. Perfect your skill of living in the bush with the best bushcraft knife! ... [Read More]

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