Best Survival Fire Starter

What would happen if your matches got wet or your lighter ran out of butane? Magnesium or a ferrocerium fire starter will be your best bet at keeping warm at night, cooking food, and signaling for help. Your ability to create a fire is directly related to your survival. A fire is needed to stay warm, cook food, boil water, ward off predators, creating a rescue signal and so much more. We put together our reviews of some of the best survival fire starters to help you make your decision. ... [Read More]

Best Hunting Flashlight

Hunting flashlights are more advanced compared to your standard flashlights; they are designed specifically for hunting and can increase your chances of survival. Is there a best hunting flashlight? Check out our top 5 picks for hunting flashlights and you be the judge. ... [Read More]

Best Survival Shovel

Shovels are one of the oldest tools known to man, originally used for excavation purposes. Need to rebuild society? You're gonna want a shovel. Now, survival shovels have been turned into a multifunctional tool, making them the ideal piece of survival gear to help you out of difficult situations. Shovels don't only dig holes, they can also be used to find water, build fires and defend yourself. We happily evaluated 5 shovels and gave our honest review so that you can choose the best survival shovel to add to your pack. ... [Read More]

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