Best Survival Saw

A survival saw can be a real life saver. Anything from clearing a path, collecting firewood to building a shelter can be drastically simplified with a quality survival saw. A good survival saw will be able to cut through large pieces of wood while being lightweight and compact. If you’ve never used a pocket saw before, you simply wrap the chain around a branch, grab the handles and pull back and forth. We reviewed the market to bring you our top 5 picks for the best survival saw. ... [Read More]

Best Survival Folding Saw

how are you going to cut your firewood when your camping? What tool can you use to clear our a fallen log? Your going to need the a saw, right? Not just any saw, the best folding survival saw! This is not your grandpas saw wood saw! Check out our top 5 folding survival saws! ... [Read More]

Top 5 Survival Items

Do you think you know how to survive in the wild? If we asked you what the top 5 survival items would be, how likely are you to get all 5 correct? Find out what we suggest are the top 5 survival items every prepper should have at all times. ... [Read More]

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