Best Bug Out Bag

There is a variety of bug out bags available for keen survivalists to choose from, with different items inside to suit general survival situations. So how do you possibly choose the best bug out bag for you? Here at Survival Front, we've got you covered. We've reviewed five products to narrow down our pick for the best bug out bag to help you survive. Packed with basic essentials and ready to grab when you need it the most, bug out bags are fast becoming a staple of survival preparation.... [Read More]

Best Survival Food

An item you literally cannot live without. FOOD. This is such an important topic as many types of disasters can create a food shortage leading to chaos. Recent years show us that a disaster could hit at any time almost anywhere. Whether you’re experiencing a natural disaster or a human attack, you should begin by stocking up on the best survival foods. You should always be ready so you don’t have to get ready. We put together our review for the best survival food.... [Read More]

Best Survival Food Kits

No matter what disaster or survival scenario you are planning for, it is important to have survival food kits. When a disaster strikes, you won't be able to go to the grocery store the way the you're used to. You have to be prepared to keep yourself sustained during times of great struggle. Not only will good survival food keep you and your family energized, you couldn't live without it. Many preppers asked us what we thought the best survival food was and we answered. Take a look at our reviews for the best survival food kits. ... [Read More]

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