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Annihilate F-A2 Survival Shovel

Review Last Updated: January 16, 2021
Product Features
  • Survival Knife w/Saw Back and Bottle Opener
  • 3 Handle Sections
  • Fire Starter
  • Camera/Spotting Scope Mount
  • Survival Whistle
  • Canvas Scabbard


Today we will be reviewing the Annihilation F-A2 Survival Shovel.

At first glance, you can tell this is clearly a survival shovel, not just a compact shovel. Out of the box, the high carbon steel gives this shovel a rugged and durable look and feel.

This shovel was considerable less than some of our other choices for survival shovels so we we’re immediately eager to test each of the 23 tools, fully assemble the shovel, and put it to the test.

Testing this survival shovel gave us a ton of insight into what we need to pay attention to when choosing a proper survival shovel and we hope our review of the Annihilation F-A2 can help you too.

Let’s dig in!



  • Extremely Durable
  • 23 Tools In One
  • Budget Friendly


  • Knife Tool Must Be Sharpened By The Buyer
  • Knife Sharpener Isn't Included

Annihilate F-A2 Survival Shovel Product Review

The Annihilation F-A2 Survival Shovel is a 23 in 1 multi-tool that has a ton of practical uses in survival situations.

Weighing in at 4.3 lbs, this shovel may be one of the heavier items in your pack. What we have learned reviewing survival shovels is that low weight, doesn’t mean better. In fact, we’ve learned that without enough weight, survival shovels struggle to have enough force behind their swings to fell trees.

This shovel can definitely fell trees without the feeling that it may break, there is a very confident feeling that you get when you are swinging it and the high carbon steel that makes up this almost 30 inch long shovel takes a great deal of the impact shock off of your hands.

Let’s talk about the specs.. The shovel is exactly 29.5 inches long with the head of the shovel measuring in at a width of just over 5.6 inches and a length of just over 7.25 inches. There are 7 total pieces to this survival shovel along with a compact carrying case made from a durable, waterproof canvas.

While inspecting each of the pieces, we immediately noticed that the knife was extremely dull. We reached out to the manufacturer and they informed us that due to shipping regulations, they are not allowed to pre sharpen the knife blade. The one big con about this shovel is that one of the 23 tools is not a knife sharpener.

That being said, we sharpened the knife and were very satisfied with the both the blade and saw side. We testing the saw on multiple ropes some and different size branches. We really appreciated that the piece of the shovel that has the knife and saw can have each extension piece added to it so you can saw things that are high up or hard to reach and defend yourself from a greater distance.

We like that the crafters put the survival whistle at the opposite end of the knife extension. We thought this was a well though out choice with huge practicality. If you are being targeted by a predator, you have the ability to potentially scare the predator away with the loud noise and signal others for help all while staying prepared to defend yourself with your weapon.

One thing we did not expect out of this shovel was it’s ability to be used as a jack. If you’ve ever gotten a vehicle stuck, you know that a shovel is one of the best tools you can have to make it easy to get dirt or rock under a tire that has lost traction. However, this shovel is actually a jack! It can be changed to just about any position you might need and it can hold over 1 ton of weight.

So far we are really excited about this shovel, the price didn’t break the bank and so far it doesn’t seem like any situation is going to break this shovel.

We should mention that the shovel took 12 days to arrive from the manufacturer so don’t plan on ordering this shovel a week before your adventure and having it with you. Plan ahead!

Next up on the list of tools that this beast of a shovel comes with we tested out its fire starter and wire saw. The wire saw is rugged enough to compare to some of the better wire saws that we’ve used. The fire starter is a standard magnesium rod.

Now what we were most excited to find out was how this shovel held up as an axe. We looked for trees that would be the ideal size for building a survival shelter and started chopping. We fell trees with this shovel with ease and are confident when we tell our readers that this survival shovel could easily withstand everyday use as a survival axe.

One of our favorite features about this survival shovel is that is has a camera and spotting scope mount. We haven’t seen this feature on many survival shovels and we like it a lot! Yes, we took a selfie using our survival shovel.


Overall, the Annihilate F-A2 Survival Shovel has proven it can be used as a daily digger, a rugged axe, a convenient extendable saw, a 1 ton jack, an intelligent weapon, fire starter and yes, selfie stick.

The best quality of this survival shovel is it’s durability. Each of the tools are well crafted and can withstand heavy use. For the price, we are surprised at the quality of materials used.

After using this product, we are extremely satisfied with it’s ability to dig, chop and saw. We hope that the manufacturers will consider included a knife sharpener to solve the dull blade problem but other than that, we really dig this survival shovel. This product comes with a 5 year warranty!

You can be sure that this survival shovel will dig you out of even the toughest survival situation.

We hope this review helped, thanks for reading!

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