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Best Bushcraft Knife

Last Updated: December 26, 2020

For advanced outdoors people, a bushcraft knife is an essential tool to have in hand for survival.

When faced with a survival situation, having the best bushcraft knife will be a convenient weapon choice to undertake various tasks along the way.

They can be used as an alternative to many survival tools. It could be used as a backup if you don’t have a larger blade in your survival kit.

Some bushcraft knives offer exceptional quality to the extent that some survival-minded people would class it as their go-to weapon in times of struggle.

They are a multipurpose tool that can carry out both less demanding tasks and the more heavy-duty labors, as well as providing you and others with protection from the unknown.

We’ve selected five bushcraft knives and explored what makes them shine, what lets them down, and ultimately if they have what it takes to be the best bushcraft knife for you!

Our Reviews

Schrade SCHF36 Frontier

Out of all of the bushcraft knives featured on our list, the Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife may have the best looking exterior.

With its 1095 high carbon drop point blade and the textured thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) handle, this knife both looks the part and can carry out various hurdles you may encounter in the wilderness.

This drop point blade can pierce, chop, slice and dice while the TPE handle keeps your hand in place, and the edge conveniently aligns to address any material that needs observing.

The blade is one of the longer bushcraft blades on the market, measuring just over 5-inches long.

A 10½-inch-long tang bushcraft knife, this falls on the relatively heavier side of the market, but if it were lighter, it wouldn’t perform as well.

If you’re looking for a lightweight bushcraft knife, we would recommend looking at another knife.

Included is a heavy-duty black nylon sheath, with a sharpening stone and Ferro rod, to assist an excellent performance whatever the labor.

It is worth assessing your strength before making any purchases, and noting your strength can weaken during demanding tasks.

The Frontier is the least expensive bushcraft knife featured on our list and will favor many people’s budgets.

However, some consumers have questioned the quality of both the steel and sheath. Therefore, the drop in price may indicate that a necessary amount of maintenance needs to be carried out to improve the knife’s overall quality.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes ferro rod, sharpening stone and lanyard hole
  • Includes polyester belt sheath
  • Full-tang design


  • The quality of the steel has been questioned by some customers
  • Heavier weight

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife

Just like the Bushcraft Black, this Morakniv bushcraft knife includes the same features, but its sheath has an integrated sharpener and fire starter.

Its blade has a Rockwell hardness of 56-58, which is a standard hardness for most of Morakniv’s carbon steel knives.

With its 3.3mm thick blade, it shows off when cutting meat, or assisting you to perform minor tasks such as shaving hair. In bushcraft, it can pierce thick lumber and finish off with some elaborate carvings.

The ergonomic rubber handle provides you with a high-friction grip, supporting you during extreme circumstances.

The included fire starter locks securely into the durable plastic clamps on the sheath and is easily accessible.

It yields 7,000 strikes and can produce 3,000-degree sparks, which performs well when wet.

When it comes to the weather conditions you encounter, you won’t have to restrict your use in wet environments. If a rainstorm occurs, the anti-corrosive black coating and rubber grip handle has you covered.

Compared to its sibling bushcraft knife, there is an increase in price, but for the additional features, it will be an excellent long term investment.

Although limited, it also includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • High carbon steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle (high-friction rubber grip)
  • Sheath includes diamond sharpener and fire starter


  • Sheath is flawed because it can potentially wear out the handle

Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Survival Knife

The Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 is a talented contender, and since entering the market, it has been a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts to include on their belt.

Crafted from S30V steel, which is a hardened powder-made stainless steel, makes for a durable choice for a bushcraft knife.

Its full-tang blade is 4½-inches and is rugged enough to battle various storms. With excellent edge retention, the drop point blade prepares you for a full day of chopping and gutting.

The weight of this knife is on the heavier side, weighing 218.86g.

Its resin-soaked fiberglass handle is water-resistant and remains stable across a range of climates. However, there have been reports of the handle taking a stoop in quality.

A brushed full-grain leather sheath comes with your purchase and includes a D-ring, flint rod loop, and retention strap.

Large in size and weight, this bushcraft knife can optimize your chances of survival with the strength it offers.

However, it would be best if you had an understanding of your strength and skill before acquiring this original piece.

It is worth noting that this product may not be compatible with various budgets.

That said, after exploration, the Bushcrafter 162 is an impressive survival tool and would be worth stretching your wallet out for!

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  • CPM-S30V Steel
  • Fixed blade construction
  • Includes leather sheath
  • Attractive exterior


  • Price might not be compatible with budgets
  • Handle has been questioned by some customers

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Knife

The Bushcraft Black survival knife by Morakniv has a high carbon steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58.

The blade has a thickness of 3.2mm, which offers extreme sharpness and durability, and can withstand an impressive amount of stress when repeatedly struck.

It includes a Tungsten Carbon Carbide black coating that protects against corrosion and ensures use in the harshest conditions. Morakniv recommends oiling carbon blades after each use to improve overall corrosion resistance.

It is an excellent choice that will perform when batoning, carving, and fire starting. Like all bushcraft knives, it can be used as a weapon to protect yourself and any other people present.

With the knife comes a plastic sheath with a belt loop that keeps the blade securely on your side, to prepare you for use at any given moment.

The black color of the sheath makes it blend with your survival clothing, not bringing unwanted attention and threats to your life.

However, the sheath’s size is flawed as it can wear out the knife’s handle and hinder its overall performance. Some people have gone as far as melting the sheath to make it more compatible with the handle.

On the market at a budget-friendly price, you can acquire this high-quality knife without stretching your wallet.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • High carbon steel blade (with DLC anti-corrosive coating)
  • Ergonomic handle (high-friction rubber grip)


  • Sheath is flawed because it can potentially wear out the handle

Off-Grid Knives Rapid Fire Ranger

The Off-Grid Knives rapid-fire ranger bushcraft knife offers high-quality features and is worth your attention.

The Japanese AUS8 blade, with a length of 3.75-inches, has been cryogenically treated to keep your edge sharp for a substantial period and improves corrosion resistance.

The blade, coated with non-reflective black titanium nitride, increases durability and therefore exceeds its scratch and peel-resistance.

With a weight of 170g, for its size, it is incredibly lightweight and compact and easy to attach to clothing or survival gear with its all-position mounting clip and lanyard hole.

Some manufacturers fail to outline its suitability for both right and left-handed people, but this knife confidently caters for all.

Its lightning-quick has a spring-assisted and super fast one-hand deployment that can situate, struggle-free, from your left or right hand.

The handle, crafted from an OD green textured G10, is designed to stay in your hand in all weather conditions. Shapeable, comfortable, and light in weight, this handle exceeds expectations.

It has excellent traction in various climates and doesn’t shrink or swell when exposed to high or low temperatures.

If faced with an emergency, we believe this Off-Grid Knives bushcraft knife would be an excellent choice and will keep you safe and increase your chances of survival.

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  • Japanese AUS8 Steel
  • Titanium Nitride coating
  • Excellent everyday carry
  • Field tested (military and law enforcement)


  • Price might not be compatible with budgets

The Best Bushcraft Knife: A Buyer’s Guide

The word “bushcraft” is defined as the skill of living in the bush. If you pair this craft with a knife, a bushcraft knife is a weapon that has the function to undertake various aspects of an encounter that tests an individual’s survival ability.

When in the wilderness, having a set of survival skills will inevitably increase your chances of survival.

That’s why a bushcraft knife is an essential item to add to your survival kit for self-defense and other tasks such as; setting traps, cutting branches and carving wood, and skinning animals.

What Makes for the Best Survival Knife?

When commencing your search to acquiring the best bushcraft knife, there are many factors you should consider before finalizing any purchases.

Although you can never call when you find yourself in a survival situation, you can, however, prepare to use a bushcraft knife.

It would help if you had an understanding of your physical strength and capabilities, and what will work best for you and a potential encounter with the wilderness.

The Blade

You ideally want to choose a knife with a blade of at least 3½ inches long and crafted from high carbon steel because of its ability to retain its edge for an extended period.

Since we can’t predict the timing of an emergency, a bushcraft knife – because of its convenient size – is the best all-in-one tool to prepare you and bring ease for a range of tasks amidst the chaos.

Type of Steel

Most bushcraft knives on the market possess stainless steel blades of some kind. It would elevate your experience if you acquired a blade crafted from High Carbon Steel, because of its durability and its capacity to hold a sharp edge that will see you through.

However, high carbon steel is prone to corrosion.

So if you want a bushcraft knife that can withstand various weather conditions, it is recommended to purchase a knife with a high carbon blade that is coated or somehow treated to better its corrosion resistance.

It is critical to carefully consider the steel used for the blade, as it will determine the durability of your knife, and its resistance to wear in extreme conditions.

The Handle

The handle is the element of the knife that provides comfort and ease of use.

An excellent grip is an essential factor to a good handle, as, without this, your bushcraft knife will prevent any success in various activities.

If the handle’s material is vital to you, G10 glass-filled nylon is a favored choice because of its durability while having a texture to give you a firm grip.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is another worthy option and blends various polymers that can impressively replicate the characteristics of rubber.

Another choice could be bushcraft knives made from walnut or natural wood. However, these knives best entertain those with experience in the bushcraft realm.


Like any purchase you make, you should consider your budget and how much you’re willing to stretch your wallet to meet the level of quality you expect to have from your chosen product.

With any survival product, you can find the same item on the market at different prices and will all perform well. However, with low price might come a sacrifice in quality. Have beady eyes when it comes to cost!


Bushcraft knives are an excellent addition to your survival kit. They are a small everyday item that can protect you from any potential surrounding threats.

It covers outdoor enthusiasts for a host of survival labors and, if thoughtfully designed, can entertain a range of climates.

All five of these knives have what it takes to bring success to your survival story, but one stood out the most. Our winner is Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife (with fire starter and sheath)!

It shined the most because of the included sheath, which features a diamond sharpener and fire starter, and all at a reasonable price.

With a blade with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 and its anti-corrosive black coating makes it an excellent bushcraft knife to use in various climates over an extensive period.

If you’re prepared to take on the unknown, we hope you’ve found your best bushcraft knife match featured on our list.

Thanks for reading, and please leave any feedback in the comments section below. If you have any suggestions for future topics or products we can discuss or review, we’d love to hear from you!

Keep Calm and Happy Prepping!

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