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Smilodon Camper Survival Shovel

Review Last Updated: January 16, 2021
Product Features
  • 24 in 1 Multifunctional Shovel
  • Made of Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Handknife
  • Bottle Opener
  • Survival Whistle
  • Camera Support


Today we will be reviewing the Smilodon Camper Survival Shovel by Zune Lotoo.

Being out in the forest, desert, or glacier, eventualities are bound to arise, and it’s up to the individual to be prepared and ready to face a contingency that can quickly turn into an emergency.

Having this all-purpose shovel at hand greatly decreases the odds of such a situation occurring.  The clever application of foundry technology and ingenious design result in a compact, exceptionally useful tool.

A utility cord, a saw chain, a fish hook, and a spear line are included in the box, but what we’re really excited about is putting together and testing the actual Smilodon and 20-plus multi tactical functions this wonderful, little shovel claims to perform.

Let’s push through!


  • Multifunctional tool
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Short Handle

Smilodon Camper Survival Shovel Product Review

The Smilodon Camper Survival Shovel is a uniquely-designed, multi-functional, foldable shovel created for the outdoors explorer, the camping enthusiast, and the prepared survivalist.

Created by 100% molding and casting, the martensitic stainless steel, 24 inch long shovel is small and lightweight.  The individual equipment consists of six main pieces, and none of the parts come attached, but, fortunately, it isn’t difficult at all to put the handle together.

Thanks to the singular design, the 8.7 x 5.5 inch, sturdy shovelhead performs its intended function, as well as that of a hammer, a saw, an axe, a hatchet, a hoe, a sickle, a crowbar, and wire cutter.

When used as a hammer, we saw that the Smilodon is strong enough to break ice that is present on winter roads or resting on outside handrails.  The blade side easily fractures bricks and fragments wire, and the concave chopper allows for effortless cutting and sawing of branches and thin trunks.

We deliberately tested the shovel on this type of wood, because it is branches and thin wood which will help build a shelter if one doesn’t have a tarp or tent available; additionally, it also serves as burning material for a fire.  Having tested products of similar build, there’s no doubt that this shovel could also eventually fell a tree.

This tool offers the user the ability to perform various functions quickly and easily, such as digging and lifting snow, dirt, mud, sand, gravel, and other materials.  The shovel can be adjusted and locked to seven different angles for multipurpose use with the simple pressing of a shift key that is located on the connection between the shovel head and the handle.

Moving on to the non-slip handle, when attached, front, middle, and rear pieces form a weapon strong enough to break windows in case of an emergency, and it can even serve as a baton for a personal defense.

The second piece features a hand knife with a saw on the side.  One can cut meat and scale fish just fine with the knife; we are left wondering, though, whether it would be practical to skin animals with it or not.  We do know for sure that the saw is perfect for cutting rope and plastic.

On the opposite side of the same piece, we have an extremely handy survival whistle, which can be used to scare off potential threats and alert friends or a rescue team. We also can’t forget about the handy bottle opener, an aspect that’s also part of this extension.

The fourth piece provides a welcome component that conveniently adapts to the included fish hook, and at the very end, on the last piece, we have a detachable camera support, which substitutes a selfie stick and can even serve as a tripod.

We should point out that, due to its peculiar construction, the Smilodon serves a different purpose than that of a regular shovel.  That is to say, it is a tool that is best utilized when its owner takes advantage of all the elements.  Can this be used as a small garden shovel?  Absolutely.  Is it the most practical investment to start a landscaping business or a horticulture venture?  Probably not.

Furthermore, the handle itself is relatively short, so an above than average height person might find they have to bend over more than usual just to dig something.  If the plan is to use the Smilodon just or mainly as a shovel, there are more functional alternatives for those needs.

This particular tool is really much more than a shovel, and the price reflects that.  Considering the clever engineering and the technology that was concentrated in this versatile device, we believe the Smilodon is worth every penny.  Additionally, the manufacturer, Zune Lotoo, offers a lifetime warranty for any product defects.

We do advice our readers to shop from verified websites, since we came across many dubious links which offered this product for an incoherently low price.  Luckily, we acquired our shovel from a reputable seller, and it arrived in seven business days.

As stated above, the Smilodon is a singular conception that shines when put to the test outdoors.  Since it’s so easy to assemble and carry, this survival shovel is the perfect gadget to have around while camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, or surviving in general.


Constructed to withstand the harshest of conditions, the Smilodon Camper Survival Shovel proves that the best things really do come in small packages.

The best qualities of this product are its multi-functionality and facility of assembly.  We are especially impressed with the high-strength, sturdy, and seemingly durable shovel head.

After using this product, it’s clear that this survival shovel will be hard to top; we certainly hope other manufactures take note, follow suit, and start producing tools of this caliber.

Whether you’re stuck on an icy road, trapped in a muddy trail, lost in a desolate forest, or stranded in an extreme environment, we’re confident that with the Smilodon in your hands, you will be able to dig a way out of the tunnel.

We hope you found this review helpful.  Thanks for reading.

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