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Best Bug Out Bag

Last Updated: December 29, 2020

There are some disasters that you can’t always prepare for, especially when you have to leave at the last minute. That’s why bug out bags are increasing in popularity. Premade bug out bags come already packed with all of the essentials to save you when you need to survive.

However, as general anxiety increases, so does the choice of products on the market. There is a variety of bug out bags available for keen survivalists to choose from, with different items inside to suit general survival situations. So how do you possibly choose the best bug out bag for you?

Here at Survival Front, we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed five products to narrow down our pick for the best bug out bag to help you survive.

Packed with basic essentials and ready to grab when you need it the most, bug out bags are fast becoming a staple of survival preparation. Take a look at our reviews to help you find the best bug out bag for you.

Our Reviews

Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

A unique factor of the Emergency Zone Survival Bug Out Bag is its simplistic exterior.

From the outside, it looks like a conventional backpack, and you wouldn’t assume it’s full of survival gear inside. It’s not bulky looking, and would work well if you’re trying to blend into a crowd when you’re really on the run. This makes it a great option for urban survivalists, as its name suggests, as city survival means you’ll have to survive against lots of people in the same situation.

We’ve reviewed the 2 person version, but this bug out comes in different sizes available to suit up to 4 people (and a dog!), making it a convenient option if you’re traveling with more than just yourself.

For 2 people, it is designed to last 3 days, and is suitable to take with you at a moment’s notice. It includes essential items, such as first aid supplies, and SOS branded food and water. The food and water have a shelf life of 5 years, and are approved by the US Coast Guard.

With this bug out bag, you will also receive hygiene products. These include 2 toothbrushes, 1 toothpaste, 1 shampoo, 1 soap bar, and more.

It even comes with a dynamo radio, to help you communicate, along with a built-in flashlight for safety in dark areas.

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  • Simple design makes it easy to blend in amongst a crowd
  • Hygiene and sanitation tools will keep you clean in the wilderness
  • Packed with safety in mind, as it includes a radio and flashlight
  • SOS food and water have a 5-year shelf life, meaning you can store the bag in your car or home for that length of time without issues
  • Comes in sizes to suit up to 4 people, and even a pet dog so no one gets left behind
  • Includes shelter equipment
  • 12 compartments


  • Some customers have found that the overall quality of the items doesn't match up to the price

Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Bag

The Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Bag is designed with a family in mind.

Available as either a 2-person or 4-person bag, this bag is consciously packed to suit the needs of a family stuck needing to survive.

However, despite its name, this bag can work for individuals as well. It includes just about everything you could need to help you during the first critical 72 hours after disaster strikes. It meets the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) guidelines for emergency survival, meaning all of its items are approved to help you during the worst of times.

And as for the items it includes? Well, this bug out bag doesn’t miss much out. It contains SOS brand food rations and water, both of which have a 5-year shelf life. The food bars require no reheating or additional water, and are calorie-dense to keep you going along your journey.

You’ll feel protected when the weather turns wet, as this bag includes 2 emergency ponchos to shield you from the rain. It also contains 1 tube tent, and 2 reflective sleeping bags, so you don’t need to worry about being without shelter.

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  • Includes an assortment of survival items, including emergency shelter and hygiene tools
  • Comfortable design, with reinforced padded straps and a breathable mesh back
  • 12 pockets and a large main compartment for easy storage and organization
  • SOS food rations and water with a 5-year shelf life
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some customers have found that the food bars are quite heavy, so this is worth bearing in mind if space becomes an issue

Sustain Supply Co. Premium Survival Bag

While the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Survival Bag is suitable for two people, they also offer bug out bags that can fit up to four people.

However, this model will last two adults up to 72-hours in a disaster scenario, giving you all of the essentials you need in those first crucial hours.

The bag is notable for its ‘premium’ quality items inside. It includes up to 12 servings of food, 2 refillable Aqua Literz waters, 1 flashlight, 2 water filtration straws, a fully stocked first aid kit, along with equipment to prepare your food, and more survival gear. In essence, you can’t go too wrong with this bug out bag for the essential items.

The bag itself is also durable and water-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for any survival scenario. Not only is it tough against many conditions, but it’s also lightweight and easy to transport even when fully stocked. The amount of space in the bag also means you’ll have extra room for any extra items you might want to add.

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  • Food packs are high-quality and include a variety of meals
  • Portable stove makes it easy to prepare food
  • Includes refillable water cartons and filtration straws for when water supplies run low
  • First aid kit included for safety
  • The bag is durable and water-resistant


  • Some of the items, such as the blanket and lantern, would need to be shared between two people, as they don't come in pairs

EVERLIT Emergency Bug Out Bag

If you are looking for a bug out bag that has a wide array of items, then the EVERLIT Emergency Bug Out Bag may be the one for you.

Designed to cater for two people over a 3-day period, this bug out bag won’t let you down when it comes to having essential gear.

It includes 24 packs of 125ML water, and food rations with a five-year shelf life. The food comes as 2 packs of 3600 calorie bars that will provide you with enough energy to keep going during tough times.

In addition to food and water, the bug out bag comes with a 3-in-1 flashlight, which features a radio and charger. It’s not always convenient to carry lots of shelter equipment when you need to leave an area quickly, and fortunately this bag also comes with an emergency shelter and a thermal blanket.

You won’t be short of survival gear with this bug out bag either. It includes a compass, a fire starter, 2 high-pitched whistles, 2 wire saws, and 100ft of paracord, so you’ll be ready to face pretty much any obstacle that comes your way.

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  • Water and food rations with a five-year shelf life
  • Includes essential survival gear, such as paracord and a compass, to enhance your chance of survival
  • Comes with emergency shelter and thermal blanket
  • Durable 600 denier polyester construction
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Padded mesh on the back and shoulders, along with comfortable straps, so you can wear it for longer


  • Flashlight is not the most well-built, so may not be water-resistant

First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit

Unique from other bug out bags on our list, the First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit doesn’t come in different sizes and is instead already suitable for up to 4 people.

This means you may be getting more for your money, as it can work for more people at a lower or similar price to other options on our list.

The kit comes as two separate bug out bags, each of which contains supplies that will last up to 72 hours in a survival situation. These supplies include 4 2400-calorie food rations, and emergency water packs that will last you 5 years from the manufacture date. The food is also high-quality in that it is nut-free and has non-GMO ingredients, so it is suitable for those with allergies.

The bag also has an extensive first aid kit, which includes 85 tools to help you in an emergency. You can rest assured that the bag will also help you during cold nights, as it comes with 4 1-day body warmers so you can retain body heat.

As expected with a 4-person bug out bag, there is no shortage of survival gear here either. The bug out bag features a 5-in-1 emergency whistle, that includes a compass, flint, a storage container, and a signal mirror. Multipurpose items such as this are ideal for survival situations, where you need to conserve space.

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  • Contains all the essentials for family survival
  • Suitable for up to 4 people, so you may get more for your money compared to other 2-person bags
  • Multipurpose knife and whistle are convenient and save space in survival scenarios
  • The backpacks are durable and leave you with space left over for extra items


  • Some customers have found some of the items, such as the flashlight, to be of low quality
  • Not the most lightweight bags when fully stocked

Best Items for a Bug Out Bag

It’s a good idea to look at a checklist of essentials that you’ll need for your bug out bag. While most bug out bags will come with similar items, such as emergency food rations and water supplies, you may find that there are less obvious essentials that don’t come to mind when choosing a bag.

That’s why looking at a checklist online, or developing your own list, is a sensible idea when deciding on a bug out bag. It can otherwise be overwhelming to work out what items are actually necessary for you.

Bug out bags are generally designed to work for all kinds of disaster situations, from natural disasters, to power cuts, but bear in mind that some are built for specific purposes. Be sure to check the item list thoroughly before making a decision.

The Right Size

While having the biggest bag may seem like the smartest choice, this is not always the case. A large backpack, although convenient for storage, can be more awkward to carry due to its overall size.

In terms of size, it is advised to find a balance between a large enough size to carry all of your equipment, but not something so large that it feels ridiculous to have on your back. A small bug out bag is unlikely to have the organizational capabilities to fit in everything that you need.

Choosing the right size will also be determined by your body type. Some bug out bags are designed specifically for taller or smaller people, so bear this in mind before purchasing the first bag that you like.

Assessing whether you would be best with a small, medium, or large, for example, can be done by measuring your torso size.

Comfort is Key

As you will likely be in a survival situation with your bug out bag for an extended period, it will need to be comfortable.

Bug out bags will generally be designed with comfort in mind. Your bag should have suitable padding and straps, so it doesn’t weigh you down or cause injury.

Once your bag is fully loaded and on your back, your hips should ideally take most of the weight. With this in mind, the hip belt should have extra padding to make this more comfortable. You don’t want this part of the bag in particular to feel bulky or irritate your hip bones.

The back of the bug out bag should also be well-padded. Not only does it increase overall comfort, but the padding can improve airflow between your back and the bag itself, making it cooler, and less irritable to carry.

Padding in the back will also help to prevent and sharp or pointy equipment from digging into you and causing great discomfort.

You may also find that a frame is an important component of the bug out bag when it comes to comfort. Frames aren’t found in all bug out bags, but they are useful for supporting the bag and make it easier to carry a lot of weight over long periods.

The frame may be external or internal. Although heavier, external frames are typically stronger and create airflow between the bag and your back. If you are concerned about weight, then an internal frame is a lighter option, but bear in mind that it won’t support you as well as an external frame.

You should also have the option to adjust all of the straps if necessary. If your bug out bag allows you to flexibly adjust your straps to your comfort, then it will feel a lot easier to carry and won’t put as much strain on you.

Storage Space

As there will be many items packed into a bug out bag, you’ll want to be able to access them easily. Having a bug out bag with multiple compartments will help you to find even the smallest items that could be otherwise difficult to reach.

Along with compartments, your bug out bag should have organizers and pockets built-in. With these features, you can pack your bag so that similar items are grouped together, if it is not pre-packed.

When packing a bag, remember that the bulkiest items, such as clothes and any tent gear, should go at the bottom. Then, any heavier equipment can be placed on top, to help with weight distribution.

High-quality bug out bags will typically feature a MOLLE organization system. This system uses MOLLE webbing, which is essentially straps on the outside of the bag that you can clip extra gear on to.

This feature is worth considering for survival prep, as any additional space should be welcomed, to help you take as much equipment as possible without your bag being bulky.

A large compartment is also an organizational feature to consider having, as these will be useful for bulky items like heavy clothing or a sleeping bag.


Not only does the gear inside your bug out bag need to be durable, but it needs to be secured in a tough bag that can withstand any conditions. The best bug out bag will be made from thick, tear-resistant material, and, ideally, water-resistant so that it can hold up regardless of the climate.

The strength of a bug out bag is typically measured in denier. The larger the denier number, the more weight your bag can hold before it falls apart. High-quality seams are crucial to the overall strength of the bag, so be on the lookout for a bag that has double-stitched seams if you want a bag that provides the most durability.

As a bug out bag is supposed to be long-lasting, it is worth investing in one that is high-quality and designed to last. The equipment will be useless if your bag falls apart as you’re walking along!


With many high-quality bug out bags to choose from, it’s not easy to pick a favorite. However, I think the Emergency Zone 2 Person Family Prep Survival Go-Bag provides the perfect blend of essential items with a durable and sturdy design, making it my choice for the best bug out bag.

As it’s available in a 2-person or 4-person size, you can pick the right one for you and won’t be left with excess items that will only weigh you down. It has all the items you’ll need for a 3-day survival venture, and isn’t filled with useless gadgets.

Once you’ve chosen the best bug out bag for you, it’s important to reassess the contents every 6 months or so, in order to make sure you’re perfectly prepared and your food rations are still edible.

Thanks for reading our product reviews, and we hope this has helped you to find the best premade bug out bag. Please leave any feedback in the comments section below, and if you have any suggestions for future topics, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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