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Nutrient Survival Liquid Nutrient

Review Last Updated: February 22, 2021
Product Features
  • 13 Essential Vitamins
  • BCAAs for muscle recovery
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Lemon Lime Flavor
  • Made in the USA


Thirst.  Confusion.  Dry mouth.  Lightheadedness.  Cramps.  Cracked lips.  Digestive issues.  Rough skin.  These are a few of the symptoms of dehydration, and everything Nutrient Survival Liquid Nutrient is trying to prevent.

Allergy friendly and packed with 13 essential vitamins, this drink supplement is exactly what every survivalist needs in their bag: a high-quality mix of nutrients in an extra portable packet.  Essential for a well-regulated nervous and immune system, proper hydration is of utmost importance, and to be able to consume an on-the-go product is highly convenient.

Backpackers and hikers are at constant risk of dehydration; we believe this lemon lime combination of vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids could positively make the difference between a successful trip and a tragedy.

Hydration in one instant with the appearance and taste of regular lemonade?  We can’t wait to try yet another made in the USA product by Nutrient Survival.

Let’s prep!


  • Contains essential multi vitamins
  • Low calorie hydration formula
  • Quick and easy to mix
  • Only needs water
  • Very portable


  • Stevia might affect taste

Nutrient Survival Liquid Nutrient Product Review

Nutrient Survival Liquid Nutrient is a powdered drink supplement that provides hydration and essential vitamins.

Liquid Nutrient comes in a 7.4 oz (210 g) box that contains 30 individually packaged, 7 g sticks.  Manufactured in the USA, the supplement has a tasty lemon lime flavor and is meant to be poured and dissolved in a glass of 12 to 16 oz of water for consumption.   Each of the single-serve packets integrates 13 essential vitamins, electrolytes, and BCAAs.

This drink supplement incorporates 40%+ of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamins C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, and B6; 60% of Vitamin A; 70% of Vitamin B5; and 80% of Vitamin B12 per serving.  The conglomeration of these many compounds contributes to the strengthening of blood vessels, growth and development of body cells, energy and collagen production, wound healing and antioxidant activity, and supports a healthy nervous and immune system, among many other benefits.

When a person sweats, it’s vital that they replace the electrolytes lost in the process.  With 100 mg of Sodium, 150 mg of Chloride, and  510 mg of Potassium per serving, this drink certainly fulfills that purpose, and, unlike the case with the standard, “electrolyte enhanced,” popular bottled waters and juices, drinking Liquid Nutrient will not result in a blood sugar spike.

The mix also contains BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).  BCAAs are nutrients that assist in the increase of muscle growth, improvement of athletic performance, and fatigue prevention.  Consumers who exercise daily will find this addition to the drink especially valuable.

But Liquid Nutrient is certainly not only for gym-goers.  Far from it.  Dehydration is a real, dangerous risk for hikers and backpackers.  Those who live in arid zones or in a humid subtropical climate know all too well how staying out for prolonged periods in the heat, either doing yard work or relaxing on the sand, can easily result in loss of body moisture.

The same can happen to campers who, while trekking, fishing, or chopping firewood, may not even realize they are quickly becoming dehydrated.  Outdoor enthusiasts can avoid this unfavorable reality by carrying a few servings of Liquid Nutrient in their survival kits.

Small and exceptionally portable, this supplement is soy and gluten free, and its formula contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Considering it features multi vitamins and minerals that popular sports drinks don’t have, Liquid Nutrient is undeniably worth the price.

The one spot some might find in this otherwise flawless resume is the taste.  The lemon lime combination was sweetened with stevia, a natural, safe, and widely consumed sugar substitute.  The plant extract, however, does add a mild bitterness to the flavor, though nothing too different from what one would find in a regular glass of lemonade.

It is important we reiterate that this supplement is not the typical, overly sweet drink one finds in stores.  Extra sugar also means extra calories, which may be needed in certain situations, but it also means the consumer will need to drink more water to balance out the dehydrating effect that is taking place in their body and causing fluid retention.  Liquid Nutrient does not produce said side effect, and it actually helps flush out toxins and waste.

While other brands produce sugary, artificially colored solutions, Nutrient Survival brings something different to the table.  The hydration drink market seems to be saturated with the same old choices, but, progressively, consumers have started to rightfully demand products that provide an assortment of healthy attributes.  Liquid Nutrient is the response.


B complex for energy. Vitamin C to boost immunity. Vitamin D for vitality. Vitamin E to fight inflammation. Electrolytes for healthy heart function. BCAAs for muscle recovery.  Nutrient Survival Liquid Nutrient has got you covered with all the nutrients needed to survive a dry spell.

After using this product, we are convinced it behooves the average camper or prepared survivalist to carry a few of these packets in their bag and dodge what could prove to be a fatal situation.

Whether taken to regain strength and help you recover after suffering from heat stroke, a stomach bug, a workout, and hey, maybe even one too many beers, Liquid Nutrient is the hydration to keep you going all day long.

We hope you found this review helpful.  Thanks for reading.

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