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Leatherman Raptor Emergency Shears

Review Last Updated: March 19, 2020
Product Features
  • 420 High carbon steel
  • 6 x 4 x 9 inches
  • Oxygen tank wrench
  • Carbide glass breaker


When faced with an emergency that requires you to fulfill demanding tasks to make it through to the next day, you will need to acquire the appropriate equipment that is functional for various situations.

That’s why you should consider the Leatherman Raptor Emergency Shears.

The Raptor is an essential survival item that features the necessary tools for uniformed medical professionals to safely and quickly save someone’s life in an emergency. They can also be used by a non-professional with the right knowledge and training of the product.

Provided by Leatherman, an American brand that specializes in multitools and knives, this is just one of many multitools that would be an excellent choice to include in your survival kit.

Here we will explore The Raptor and find out what it brings to the market and why it is worthy of your attention to preparing you for various survival situations.

Let’s dive in!


  • A reliable and trustworthy company
  • Adaptable functions for various situations
  • Collapsible for an easier carry
  • 25-year warranty


  • The price might not be compatible with budgets
  • Can be difficult to clean during frequent use
  • Develops surface rust on the blade

Leatherman Raptor Emergency Shears Product Review

There are many shears on the market that claim to do the same as Leatherman’s Raptor at a low price, but what differentiates it from the rest?

Leatherman has built its reputation in the multitool world with groundbreaking tools like the Leatherman Wave and the Leatherman Super Tool, and it has furthered its success with these trauma shears in the medical world.

The Raptor has six featured tools that are designed to perform a range of tasks where trauma shears are necessary and would be ideal for storing in your home, car, or survival backpack.

The featured tools are:

  • Folding emergency response shears 
  • Strap cutter
  • Ring cutter
  • Oxygen tank wrench
  • Carbide glass breaker
  • Ruler

It is designed for medical professionals and might be impractical for hospital staff or non-professionals trying to save someone’s life. That’s why if you were to use these shears, you must attain some knowledge and understanding of how it is appropriately used.

Compared to other shears, the Raptor avoids the overkill of tools, which makes it less complicated to use in life-threatening situations. It can be used by trained professionals and for people with no experience.

The Raptor is crafted from 420 high carbon steel, which makes this multitool is excellent for cutting through the most robust materials. It will not rust and corrode over time as quickly as other shears made from weaker materials. The Raptor can even be submerged in water without affecting the performance, for emergencies involving water.

With a weight of 165g, these shears are on the heavier side and can bring great difficulty carrying them around. However, Leatherman has strategically used reinforced thermoplastic handles to reduce weight when and where possible.

Leatherman has you covered by giving you a choice between a MOLLE compatible holster or EMT belt holster, which can be attached to your belt or other apparel that will bring convenience to any emergency.

The Raptor is also collapsible and can be folded through the use of two push-button releases found on each side of the blades, this makes it easy to carry around and makes it safe by preventing any accidents when not in use.

The price of the Raptor might not be compatible with some budgets, but for all that it offers, it might be worthy of a slight stretch of the wallet. We believe it is on the market at a fair price and has no doubt it would be an excellent long term investment.

You can confidently purchase these shears with Leatherman’s 25-year warranty.


Survival shears like Leatherman’s Raptor are not just great to use for preppers, but they can be essential for almost any emergency. The Raptor is one of those excellent tools that you didn’t realize how much it would come in handy in life-threatening circumstances.

There’s no mystery why it has made quite an impression with survivalists and is one of the best-selling Leatherman multitools.

Whether it is packed away in your survival bag or attached to your belt for quick-access, this multitool is advanced and handy and will benefit you and others when faced with demanding challenges.

After checking out the Leatherman Raptor, we hope you are more confident in choosing the best multitool for survival purposes.

Have you used the Raptor? Would you recommend it? Please share any thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Prepping!

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