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HyperWhistle Survival Whistle

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Produces 142 decibels of sound that can reach over 2 miles
  • Suitable for submerging in water
  • Includes reusable earplugs and a neck lanyard


Today we'll be reviewing the HyperWhistle Survival Whistle.

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  • One of the loudest whistles on the market, producing 142 decibels of sound
  • Sound can reach over 2 miles
  • Suitable for submerging in water
  • Includes reusable earplugs and a neck lanyard


  • Black design means it isn't visible in the dark
  • Hard to grasp, which can affect the amount of sound produced in one blow

HyperWhistle Survival Whistle Product Review

With claims of being the ‘Original World’s Loudest Whistle,’ the HyperWhistle really is one of the loudest whistles we’ve come across. It can emit 142 decibels of sound, which is bordering on deafening. It’s that loud that the product comes with a pair of reusable earplugs, to protect your hearing from excessive use.

The incredible 142dB noise level reaches a distance of over 2 miles, so this whistle doesn’t play when it comes to getting attention. It is made using three different whistles built into one, which each produces a unique tone to project the whistle’s sound as far as possible.

In addition to its loud sound, the whistle is also durable against a variety of conditions, including water. It works underwater, and uses anti-microbial composite and all-weather construction for this. The whistle also floats, which is worth knowing if you are worried about deep-sea diving to fish for your lost whistle. For extra accessibility, the whistle also includes a neck lanyard.

However, as a survival whistle, one significant issue is the whistle’s black color.
It would not be visible in the dark, or particularly visible underwater, meaning although it projects extremely loudly, it is not the safest choice. Some customers have also found the design to generally be unappealing, finding it difficult to get a tight grasp without compromising on the noise levels.

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