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Best Survival Whistle

Last Updated: December 29, 2020

Even if you are the most advanced survivalist, being lost in the wilderness can still be an overwhelmingly scary feeling. That’s why you need equipment that lets you signal for help, and a survival whistle will do just that.

However, a whistle that could save your life won’t be exactly the same as a refereeing or sports whistle. As an emergency whistle is one of the most useful and vital tools to carry, there are many options available on the market.

There are different factors to consider when choosing the best survival whistle, and that’s why we’ve reviewed five of the top emergency whistles to help make your decision a simple one.

Survival whistles come in handy not only when you are lost, but also to warn others of potential dangers. For such a small and lightweight piece of gear, it makes sense to always have a survival whistle on hand, as you never know what obstacles you’ll face in the outdoors.

Our Reviews

Woodcovo 10 Pack Aluminum Whistle

If you are looking to buy your whistles in bulk, whether to save money or for added protection, then this 10 pack from Woodcovo may be the choice for you. Each whistle reaches up to 120dB of sound, making them more than appropriate for when you are stuck in the wilderness.

As well as being loud, these whistles are built from durable aluminum material, which means they would work well in almost any outdoor environment. This strong exterior means they are less susceptible to scratches or bumps. Although they’re sturdy, you don’t have to worry about the whistles adding any extra weight to your kit. You can be assured that they’re all lightweight, at around 10g each.

The whistles also include keychains, so you can easily attach them to your set of keys or even your survival gear if need be. This is extremely handy in an emergency, and makes them a great ‘EDC’ (every-day-carry) item.

However, although these are a great budget-friendly choice, the whistles are black in color. It does make them less noticeable in the dark, which increases the risk of not being found. They would also be harder to find in a backpack if you had to look for them in darkness.

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  • Budget-friendly with 10 whistles included
  • Produces 120 decibels of sound
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Keychains for easy attachment


  • Dark color reduces visibility

Noopel 2 Pack Emergency Whistles

Coming as a 2 pack, these emergency whistles from Noopel emit potentially life-saving noise levels, reaching 120 decibels. This means you can be heard from far distances, which is ideal when emergency strikes in the outdoors.

Although these whistles are lightweight, weighing around 12g, they are strong and resistant to harsh conditions. This is because they are made from aluminum alloy material, which differs from the usual plastic design that we see from competitors. This means the whistles can withstand all kinds of weather, from humid conditions to freezing ones.

A useful feature is the sturdy lanyards that are included with the product. They are designed to easily slip around the neck for ease of access when you’re in the outdoors. This means you don’t have to rummage in your backpack during an emergency, and can instead have your whistle on your person at all times. They also come with handy keychains for you to hook the whistle onto house or car keys as well.

From a survivalist perspective, one potential flaw in the design is the silver color. Although possibly visible in the dark, a bright or neon color would’ve been a better choice for a survival whistle.

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  • 2 Pack emergency whistles with keychains and lanyards included
  • Produces 120 decibels of sound
  • Lightweight
  • Durable design to withstand all-environment, all-weather conditions


  • A brighter color would make it more visible

HyperWhistle Survival Whistle

With claims of being the ‘Original World’s Loudest Whistle,’ the HyperWhistle really is one of the loudest whistles we’ve come across. It can emit 142 decibels of sound, which is bordering on deafening. It’s that loud that the product comes with a pair of reusable earplugs, to protect your hearing from excessive use.

The incredible 142dB noise level reaches a distance of over 2 miles, so this whistle doesn’t play when it comes to getting attention. It is made using three different whistles built into one, which each produces a unique tone to project the whistle’s sound as far as possible.

In addition to its loud sound, the whistle is also durable against a variety of conditions, including water. It works underwater, and uses anti-microbial composite and all-weather construction for this. The whistle also floats, which is worth knowing if you are worried about deep-sea diving to fish for your lost whistle. For extra accessibility, the whistle also includes a neck lanyard.

However, as a survival whistle, one significant issue is the whistle’s black color.
It would not be visible in the dark, or particularly visible underwater, meaning although it projects extremely loudly, it is not the safest choice. Some customers have also found the design to generally be unappealing, finding it difficult to get a tight grasp without compromising on the noise levels.

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  • One of the loudest whistles on the market, producing 142 decibels of sound
  • Sound can reach over 2 miles
  • Suitable for submerging in water
  • Includes reusable earplugs and a neck lanyard


  • Black design means it isn't visible in the dark
  • Hard to grasp, which can affect the amount of sound produced in one blow

Heimdall Safety Whistle with Lanyard

With its bright exterior and lanyard, the Heimdall Safety Whistle is a safe and simple choice. Made from durable plastic material, this pealess whistle is non-corrosive and won’t freeze or stick to your lips in cold conditions.

This whistle emits 120 decibels of sound, with two sound chambers built-in, so you are guaranteed loud noise projection. The sound can travel over a mile, making it an excellent option for wilderness survival in environments that stretch long distances.

A useful feature of this whistle is its colorful lanyard, which has multiple attachment options. The lanyard can easily loop through a backpack or onto your gear, or even to your belt if possible. However, despite seeming like a convenient feature, the lanyard is not designed to be worn around the neck. If you don’t have any areas to attach the lanyard to, then this feature is pretty irrelevant.

What makes this Heimdall’s product even more budget-friendly is that it comes as a pack of two whistles. This feature is great for survivalists who are on the go, as you are at risk of losing a whistle while hiking and climbing. This means you’ll have a backup in case this does happen.

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  • Budget-friendly with 2 whistles included
  • Includes lanyard for attachment
  • Colorful design for visibility
  • Produces 120 decibels of sound that can reach over 1 mile


  • Lanyard is too small for use around the neck

S.O.L Survive Outdoors Rescue Whistle

As a pealess whistle, this option from S.O.L is designed to withstand freezing weather and all kinds of outdoor conditions. Its compact, slim shape is perfect for putting it in your pocket or backpack, and as this is a pack of two, you could keep one elsewhere as a backup.

Built from high-quality plastic, the whistle is a bright orange color, which makes it easy to spot in the dark and from a distance. It is also super lightweight, weighing less than an ounce, and can be easily attached to zipper pulls for your convenience.

Despite its lightweight design, this whistle can reach noise levels of 100-decibels, audible from over a mile away. Although other competitor whistles may reach higher levels, it is still an undeniably loud whistle that would work well in a survival situation.

However, it is worth noting that this product does not come with any lanyards or attachments, even though some product photos imply this. There is a hole to fit a lanyard, however, but this would mean buying that equipment separately should you wish to have the whistle around your neck or on your gear.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Produces 100 decibels of sound that can reach over 1 mile
  • Budget-friendly with 2 whistles included
  • Bright orange for visibility


  • Not the loudest whistle on the market
  • Does not come with lanyard or attachments


As you will face unexpected conditions in the outdoors, your whistle should be able to withstand anything. You wouldn’t want your whistle to stop working because it’s been out in the rain for a long time, and you wouldn’t want it to get damaged easily from a fall.

A plastic whistle provides a good combination of being durable while still being practical. However, the toughest survival whistles are made from especially strong materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. These materials can handle drops and scratches without any substantial damage.

Most survival whistles will survive in water, but a non-water-resistant design may stop working if it ends up fully submerged. Usually, once dried out, your whistle should be fine, but it isn’t worth the risk when it comes to a survival scenario. That’s why a waterproof or water-resistant whistle is your safest option, especially if you are planning to be around bodies of water.

Noise Level

Arguably, the most crucial feature of a survival whistle is that it needs to be loud. And not just kind of loud. No, your survival whistle needs to be deafening, ear-piercingly loud. Your safety is the main priority, and if you can’t be heard, you put your chances of survival at even greater risk.

A whistle that has a sound range between 90 and 120 decibels is a safe bet. This noise level ensures that you will be heard over other interfering noises, such as engines or waves, and can reach ears a great distance away.

While many manufacturers believe their whistle is the loudest, be cautious of exaggerated decibel ratings when making your decision. If you are in doubt, look at how many resonators and sound chambers the whistle has. Typically, the higher the number of these features, the louder a whistle will be.

Reliability – Pea or no Pea?

Many older whistles used to all contain a ‘pea’ inside them, often a miniature cork ball that would break up the airflow and give the whistle multiple tones when blown. This feature gave out distinctive sounds to oppose background noises, so it was often used by sports coaches to garner attention.

However, pea-less whistles provide a more even tone and can usually make a louder sound. This means they may be a more suitable option for emergencies, and most survival whistles are designed without a pea for this reason.

Pea whistles are usually bigger than pea-less ones, which is worth considering in terms of fitting them in your backpack. If the shape is bulky, it could make filling the last gap in your survival backpack more of an issue.

When thinking about a durable whistle, pea-less designs can typically handle damage better ones with a pea, and the lack of a pea inside means less to worry about should you accidentally drop your whistle.


Although whistles are generally compact, in a survival situation you can’t afford to waste any space unnecessarily. You should aim to purchase a whistle that is as lightweight and small as possible, while still being high-performance.

However, there are more accessible ways to carry a survival whistle than simply throwing it into your backpack. Many whistles come with lanyards so that you can wear them around your neck for convenience. A breakaway lanyard attachment is particularly useful, as the attachment breaks away when you put pressure on it, which is helpful for a survival scenario.


Not only does your survival whistle need to be heard, but it also needs to be seen. Although a sleek black design might be tempting, it won’t do you any favors if you are lost in the dark.

There are many survival whistles available in bright, or even neon, colors. These colors will give you an even better chance of being seen, and will naturally alert people to your direction, even if they can’t hear you.


While it may be surprising to see how many types of survival whistles are available, they all offer different benefits. However, my personal choice for the best survival whistle would be the Noopel 2 Pack Emergency Whistles.

These whistles offer a good combination of loud noise, while being convenient and high-quality in design. As you get two whistles included, this also makes them a budget-friendly option.

Hopefully, this review has given you a clearer insight into how vital survival whistles are, and why they should be a priority when building a survival kit. Having a loud survival whistle on hand could make the difference between life or death in an emergency, so you shouldn’t underestimate their significance to your survival.

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below, and if you have any ideas for topics, we’d love to hear from you!

Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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