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Best 2 Person Tent

Last Updated: December 28, 2020

Looking for a roomy and comfortable tent so you can have the best night’s sleep in the wilderness? Then a 2 person tent could be the answer. Besides enhancing individual comfort, If you’re planning on sleeping outdoors with a partner or friend, then finding the best 2 person tent will save each of you from carrying a tent individually. Saving space in a backpack is crucial in making your experience easier and will take the weight off during a long journey. However, you’ll need to ensure that your 2 person tent can still perform well in any survival situation. We’ve reviewed five products to help you find the best 2 person tent, so you can have the best chance of survival and get the most out of your outdoor experience.

Our Reviews

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Tent

The Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Tent is convenient and offers a quick and easy setup.

It can be installed by using a pole that simply clips into place to keep the tent held up.

This easy set-up makes the tent even more lightweight and breathable. It comes with 12 7000 series lightweight aluminum alloy tent stakes, and reflective guy lines, all of which won’t weigh your backpack down.

There’s extra features included with this tent, such as a PU 5000 footprint and a mesh detachable ceiling loft pocket. This means you can attach a light to the ceiling so you won’t be stuck in the dark all night. It also features a two vestibule design, so you can comfortably store your gear outside and save space on the inside.

This is a durable tent, able to keep rain out due to the taped floor. The tent is made from non-stretch polyester, with a rip-stop design to prevent wear and tear. Despite its tough construction, the tent is lightweight, weighing just over 3.8lbs with the footprint included. It also fits compactly down into a backpack, and you can use the included carrying sack to safely store it away.

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  • Made from durable rip-stop, non-stretch polyester
  • Easy to set up
  • 5000mm waterproof footprint
  • Removable gear loft pocket included in the price
  • Packs down to a small and compact size and comes with a carrying sack


  • There is a flame retardant chemical in the tent's lining known as TDCPP, which may cause cancer or other illnesses, but this is not disclosed in the product specifications
  • Not entirely waterproof or wind-resistant

ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2-Person Tent

In an outdoor survival situation, it’s essential to preserve as much of your energy as possible. With the ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2-Person Tent, you won’t be wasting your efforts setting this shelter up.

It features a super-easy assembly, using a free-standing pole system so you can set it up quickly and with no hassle. The main poles are constructed with 7000 series aluminum, so they are tough and sturdy while providing generous interior space.

Not only is it simple to assemble, but the tent is durable against the elements. The tent body is made from UV and water-resistant polyester, and comes with factory sealed seams for extra protection.

The tent will comfortably fit two people, with vertical walls that increase interior room and create a center height of 42 inches. It is made more spacious by the doors situated on the left and right sides of the tent, so you won’t have to awkwardly crawl over people to get in and out. The tent is also equipped with dual vestibules, so you can keep your survival gear sheltered from the elements.

With its easy assembly, you also get an easy to carry tent. It is relatively lightweight, although not the lightest on our list, weighing just shy of 6lbs overall. However, it can pack down into a compact size to fit nicely into your backpack.

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  • Easy to assemble with free-standing pole system
  • Polyester fly with 1500mm coating to resist UV damage
  • Water-resistant with factory-sealed fly and floor seams
  • Spacious interior
  • Walls are mostly made from mesh material, so it provides good ventilation


  • Not as lightweight as other 2 person tents

Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2 Person Tent

The Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2 Person Tent offers an easy set-up.

It is a free-standing tent, and uses a hub-based pole system for simple assembly. This is a unique 3-pole construction, and uses lightweight clip-pole attachments to form plenty of space inside the tent.

Once set up, you can expect a well-ventilated and comfortable tent. The room has a mesh construction which gives enhanced breathability, while the tent fly is a polyester design. The polyester is tight and won’t sag when it gets wet, so it is sturdy against the elements. In addition to its material, the fly also has ventilation windows, which help to block out wind damage.

The whole tent will also stand up against strong winds, as it includes a simple snap-locking hub that creates a stable and sturdy shelter.

For extra storage space, the tent comes with interior mesh pockets, and two vestibules, so you can keep your gear safe and protected.

A standout feature of this tent is its hexagonal shape, which helps to form a triangle on each side of the tent to give you more individual space if there are two people in the tent. This will save you from feeling restricted and gives you more room to sleep comfortably.

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  • Easy set up with hub-based pole system and 3-pole construction
  • Durable polyester tent fly
  • Great ventilation
  • Hexagonal shape allows for more interior space
  • Interior mesh storage pockets and two vestibules to store your gear


  • Not the most budget-friendly option on our list
  • Heavier than competitor tents

The Kelty Grand Mesa 2-Person Tent

The Kelty Grand Mesa 2-Person Tent offers 3-season usability, with a tough and durable design. It will protect you against many weather conditions, due to the factory taped seams and non-stretch, UV-resistant polyester fly.

The tent design is a mesh material across the whole exterior, which increases ventilation and breathability. This is a necessity for summertime survival situations in particular.

This is a spacious tent, with plenty of room for one person to have an especially comfortable sleep, or for two people to fit in nicely. Space is also increased by the included vestibule area, which measures at 6 square feet, so it’s perfect for storing your gear underneath.

It is simple to set this tent up, as it uses compact folding poles and color-coded clips. This eliminates the stress of feeding poles through the tent sleeves, and is much easier to set up, especially in a survival situation where time is of the essence.

The tent also includes internal storage pockets and gear loft loops, which allows for additional space for all of your survival gear. While shelter is of course the main focus of any tent, any storage space is welcomed when it comes to survival, as you’ll likely have lots of gear that you’ll need to reach for.

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  • 3-season use
  • UV-resistant
  • Non-stretch polyester construction
  • Simple set up using color-coded clips
  • Internal storage pockets and gear loft loops, along with 6 square feet of vestibule space, makes it easy to store survival gear using the tent


  • Some customers have claimed that the poles are not very sturdy and may bend easily

Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tent

The Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tent offers a spacious and breathable design. The inner tent is designed from a large panel of 210T polyester, which offers excellent protection in hot and cold weather.

The roof has a mesh construction, and the tent includes double-layered doors which significantly decrease condensation.

It is described as a 4-season tent, so you can expect weather protection all year round with this product. The interior of the tent is designed with coated 210T rip-stop breathable polyester, which will keep you warm and comfortable without leaving you feeling restricted.

The floor of the tent is also able to withstand water damage, as it’s made from taped 210T rip-stop coated polyester 5000mm. This prevents water from getting inside and soaking your tent.

Space isn’t an issue either with this tent. There is plenty of floor space for 2 people, and maybe even some room left over to store your gear inside too.

However, you won’t even need to store your gear inside if you make use of the two vestibules. These can be used to store your equipment safely out of damage from the elements.

Even if you are new to camping or outdoor survival, this tent is a breeze to set up. It uses a fixed, free-standing pole system, with one continuous pole and shock cord to join all of the sections together.

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  • Breathable rip-stop polyester interior
  • 4-season tent and is able to perform well against hot and cold conditions
  • Double-layered doors reduce condensation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of floor space and two vestibules for gear storage


  • 5.7lbs when packed, so not the most lightweight 2-person tent
  • Some customers have found that the zippers are fragile and not sturdy enough


Although it’s obvious that when looking for a 2 person tent it should accommodate up to 2 people, not all tents are designed equally. Different manufacturers will have different ideas of what two people are built like. It’s important to consider your size and height when choosing a 2 person tent. The specifications of a tent may claim to fit an ‘average-sized’ person, but if you are particularly tall (i.e., over 6ft tall), then you’ll need to make sure your tent can fit you comfortably so you still have room left to move around. You may also want to keep your gear inside the tent for safety, so you’ll need to make sure the tent doesn’t just about fit. Having that extra bit of room is crucial for your overall comfort, and will make your time in the outdoors more stress-free.


Ensuring that your tent is lightweight and easy to pack into a bag is one of the most vital features to consider before you purchase. You’ll want to find something that is ultralightweight, and doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your survival backpack. While you may anticipate your tent to be one of the heaviest items you’ll be taking with you, this doesn’t need to be the case. Many 2 person tents are compact and will fit comfortably in a backpack, despite their significance as a piece of survival gear. However, it is important to note that although many lightweight tents perform well, they aren’t always as strong and durable as heavier tents. You’ll need to weigh up (no pun intended!) whether you can compromise on having a heavy-duty tent for the sake of saving space.

All-Weather Tents

While some materials will suffice as tents for the summertime, a true survival tent needs to work in all kinds of weather conditions. Tents that are specifically built for spring and summer seasons will typically be made from lighter and more breathable materials, so they might seem like your first choice to carry around in a survival backpack. However, if you find yourself out on a rainy day or stuck in snowfall, these tents won’t last for long. It’s worth looking for a tent that is described as a ‘4-season’ tent. These tents are designed to work no matter the weather, and are much tougher than 1-2 season tents. For the true survivalist, these tents are the kind you’ll need to look out for. Not all 4-season tents are incredibly heavy, either. Many of them are built with lightweight materials, and instead use special technology to remain durable and tough against the elements. However, it is worth noting that because of the type of material and design, these tents are typically more expensive than 1-2 season tents. Your tent doesn’t need to just survive the seasons, though. It needs to keep you protected and suffer as little damage as possible. That’s why a waterproof tent is your best option. Look out for the Hydrostatic Head rating in the tent’s specifications, as this will indicate how waterproof its fabric is. Higher Hydrostatic Head ratings can handle larger amounts of water. Your 2 person tent should also be wind-resistant. While you could go for the bare minimum amount of wind resistance, where the tent won’t break against a slightly strong wind, something that can hold up against super intense winds will last longer, and give you a better chance of survival in unexpected conditions. You won’t want your tent to blow away at the slightest hint of a breeze. The best 2 person tent should also provide UV protection, to help filter out harmful UV rays.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, your tent will need to not only fit you, but fit you comfortably with extra room to spare. However, to make sure your tent is as comfortable as it can be, you’ll need to take a look at its specifications first. The first aspect to consider is the floor size. Having enough floor space means you can keep your gear safely sheltered, and fit yourself and another person without any trouble. Height is the next crucial area to look at when it comes to comfort. Ideally, you should be able to comfortably stand up inside your tent, as this will represent how much space you actually have. Comfort will also come from the overall design of the tent. If it is made from breathable materials and is well-ventilated, then you’ll feel less restricted, especially during hot weather spells.


A tent’s ability to withstand intense weather conditions and different terrains mainly depends on its construction. The type of material that the tent is built from is essential to its toughness. Generally, the body of the tent will be made from either nylon, polyester, or canvas. Canvas material provides great protection, and has a strong and sturdy feel. However, it can be relatively heavy, and is therefore not usually the first choice for survivalists or campers. Instead, nylon and polyester are more popular options. This is due to their lightweight design, but they can also offer excellent resistance against rips and tears. Rip-stop nylon in particular is worth considering, and these materials are also likely to have some level of water-resistance. When thinking about UV protection, polyester is a great option, as it usually features a UV-resistant layer for added durability. You’ll need a tent that is breathable and lets the airflow inside. Waterproof materials are not typically the best for breathability, so you should ensure that a tent made from these has added ventilation with windows included. Windows will also prevent condensation and can help to regulate the interior temperature.

Multipurpose Features

The best 2 person tent will do more than just shelter you. It will have additional features that can enhance your survival and sleeping experience. These may include mesh pockets, which can be useful in a variety of ways. Mainly though, they’re great for storing your gear and clothes away, and will save space on the floor. Some tents may include a loop on the ceiling, which can be used to attach a lamp and allow for light inside. Although this may add weight to your backpack, some tents come with a vestibule, which is a sheltered area outside of the tent’s entrance. This area is used to keep extra gear and equipment safe from the elements, without you having to cram it in inside.


In an outdoor survival situation, a 2 person tent can be a great shelter for an individual or if you’re in the wilderness with a partner. Whatever your situation, it’s important to prioritize comfort and durability against the elements above everything. Although there are many great 2 person tents available, my pick for the best 2 person tent would be the ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2-Person Tent. This tent offers a great combination of strength against all kinds of weather conditions, while being easy to set up, which is ideal for camping beginners. It is spacious despite being designed for just 2 people, so you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable in this excellent tent from ALPS mountaineering. Thanks for reading, and we hope now that you’ll be able to find the best 2 person tent for you! Please leave any feedback in the comments section below, or if you have any suggestions for future topics, you can get in touch with us via our social media pages, which are linked below. We’d love to hear from you! Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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