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Mountain House Classic Bucket

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • 30-year taste guarantee
  • Designed to feed one adult for 3.5 days
  • Just add water to eat
  • Includes a variety of meals


Today we'll be reviewing the Mountain House Classic Bucket.

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  • 30-year taste guarantee
  • Ideal for at-home emergencies or outdoor survival
  • Varied meal selection


  • Not budget-friendly, especially if you want to serve more than one person

Mountain House Classic Bucket Product Review

This survival food kit from Mountain House Classic Bucket comes with 12 food pouches, containing a variety of meals.

Whether you are an Italian food fan, or you prefer chicken and noodles, the Classic Bucket has you covered.

With 12 meals included, this bucket is designed to feed one person for around 3.5 days. Arguably a standout feature of this food kit is its 30-year taste guarantee, so you can keep this bucket stored away for up to 30 years without needing to replace it.

Preparing these meals couldn’t be more straightforward either, as you simply need to add water, and your food is ready to eat.

The bucket comes with a handle, so it is relatively easy to transport with you. It is not only great for storing at home, but also for taking with you in case of a last-minute emergency. It is tightly sealed and designed to allow for easy stacking and storage.

As the lifespan of this food is as high as 30 years, that does arguably factor into the price, as it is not the most budget-friendly option for a short-term, one-person survival food kit.

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