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Huntingdoor Hunting Slingshot

Review Last Updated: March 20, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Huntingdoor Hunting Slingshot.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Wrist rocket slingshot creates comfort
  • Powerful ergonomic handle
  • Modern design


  • Premium price
  • Could be too challenging for beginners

Huntingdoor Hunting Slingshot Product Review

Described as a hunting slingshot, the Huntingdoor Hunting Slingshot is a professional slingshot with a wide-bow design and tight rubber bands.

It is suitable for various uses, including outdoor hunting and archery, and therefore perfect for the survivalist in need of a trusty slingshot when faced with dangerous encounters.

With its ergonomic moulded steady adjustable handle grip, feels sturdy and comfortable in your hand, which is an essential factor when choosing the best survival slingshot for you, as there’s a high chance you’ll be using it frequently during times of uncertainty.

This wrist rocket slingshot offers a folding wrist lock for more support and has a steady and accurate aim.

Presented as a portable slingshot, it weighs around 1.6lbs.

Constructed with aluminium and plastic materials, this creates a steady weight for when in use and lightweight on your back.

An uplift in price compared to other slingshots featured on our list, but still reasonably priced for what it offers its consumer – although it may turn off some potential customers.

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