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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Review Last Updated: March 19, 2020
Product Features
  • 1 Quad power LED (high-power)
  • 1 Double power LED (low-power)
  • Red, green and blue single power LED


The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp is one of the most well-equipped lights in today’s market. It gives you the choice of either spot or flood mode, and even offers three different night-mode colors to enhance your survival chances.

All the models in the Black Diamond range tend to have the same or replicated main features, which makes them a reliable choice for when encountering the outdoors.

Black Diamond Equipment has manufactured equipment for climbing, skiing, and mountain sports for over three decades. Based in Utah, United States, it has since become one of the go-to brands for survivalists around the world.

The Storm is one of the most powerful and successful models out there, as it can produce 350 lumens and reaches up to 80 meters. What else does this impressive piece have to offer? Let’s find out.


  • Three night-mode colors
  • Highest water- and dust resistance rating
  • Brightness memory


  • Heavier than other headlamps
  • Complicated single button operation
  • Hypersensitive PowerTap technology

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Product Review

The Black Diamond Storm headlamp is a robust and waterproof headlamp that offers survivalists with eight different lighting options, including RGB night vision mode, and has a peak of 350 lumens.

It is an excellent choice if for all day and night outdoor activities, and therefore would be an ideal choice to keep in your survival kit should you encounter any future emergencies.

You can’t predict the time nor the place of an emergency. Therefore, having survival gear that can entertain a range of climates is what you should aim for, and with the Storm headlamp, it is what you will get.

The headlight has an IPX8 water- and dust-proof rating and can withstand being submerged 1 meter underwater for 30-minutes without enduring damage. Its impressive water-resistance makes it an ideal headlamp for wet adventures and will provide light in unthinkable conditions, even underwater.

For consumer convenience, the Storm comes with a brightness memory feature. This feature keeps the light mode you used before turning off the same mode for when you turn it on.

The brightness memory feature benefits you much as it saves time and energy, and you won’t have to adjust to your environment continuously. Another advantage is that it prevents your eyes from suffering the maximum brightness each time you turn it on, which can cause damage to your overall sight.

An issue with most headlamps featured in the Black Diamond range, including the Storm itself, is the single button operation. It can be quite tedious to learn and easy to forget.

To alternate between the different bulbs and configurations, you need to acknowledge the button by tapping it multiple times, or by holding it for a few seconds. When a lamp offers consumers a range of features, it can cause frustration, but you will eventually find a way of navigating this button relatively quickly.

A way of preventing any navigation issues is by familiarizing yourself with the product before encountering the outdoors. That way, you will experience efficient use with the headlamp and

The Storm requires 4AAA batteries, which you will find at the back of the lamp itself. Compared to the other headlamps in the Black Diamond range, it requires an extra AAA battery, which increases the weight considerably.

That said, if you can handle a weight of 110g, the extra battery doubles its battery life and will light up your endeavor for an extended period. The Storm, although on the heavier side compared to its siblings, still falls on the lighter end of the spectrum.

You can expect a comfortable and easy use with the Storm’s compact design. The headlamp is well balanced and has a single strap that provides confident support without sacrificing comfort with the stretchable material.

It is worth noting that the Storm doesn’t accommodate rechargeable batteries. If rechargeable batteries are essential for you, there are plenty available in the market.


After exploring the Black Diamond Storm headlamp, we conclude that this headlamp would be an excellent headlamp to include in your outdoor kit.

Not only does it offer an impressive range of light and configurations, but its battery life will keep the headlamp lighting up the darkest hours of your expedition.

Its handy dimmer capabilities make it adjustable for various environments, keeping you discreet enough to hide from surrounding threats and noticeable for when using the safety mode.

The Storm falls on the more expensive side of the price spectrum, but we feel it is a worthy choice to stretch budgets for and will be an excellent long term investment.

After reading this review, we hope you feel more confident in separating the best from the worst, and what to consider before finalizing any purchases.

Have you used this headlamp? What were your thoughts? Please share any thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

From all of us at Survival Front, Happy Prepping!

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