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Best Hunting Flashlight

Last Updated: December 26, 2020

Hunting flashlights are more advanced compared to your standard flashlights; they are designed specifically for hunting and can increase your chances of survival.

When forced to switch on survival mode, there will be a hunting element to your experience. That’s why getting your hands on the best hunting flashlight is essential.

Finding the best hunting flashlight for you will mostly come down to what you want from your survival gear.

Is brightness the most crucial factor? Or is a compact and affordable flashlight more suited to you? Whatever your preference, there will be a hunting flashlight that best compliments your needs.

We’ve checked out five of the best choices on the market to help finalize your decision.

We think our reviews will assist you in finding the best hunting flashlight to help lift your survival experience higher!

Our Reviews

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting light

The VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting Light features a single light mode, which provides adjustable focus and allows zooming out for up to 200 yards, and zooming in the floodlight of 100 yards.

This hunting flashlight, powered by VASTFIRE Customized, has a capacity of 2600mah and a 18650 battery for high power hunting, which can last more than 5 hours.

Like most chargers, it will appear red when in need of life and will turn blue when fully charged, which is an efficient indication for when your flashlight is at its best.

It includes two mounts and has a dual control remote pressure switch that is continuously on and momentary on for different tactical needs.

The light is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that resists substantial impacts and scratches. It works in a variety of climates, and with the featured O-rings, it can thrive in heavy rain, bringing daily waterproof to your survival experience.

The flashlight is compact and can easily be packed in your survival kit. With a length of 5.4 inches by 6.3 inches and a weight of 171g, it is an ideal size and weight to breeze through the inevitable outdoor troubles.

At a budget-friendly price, this flashlight is accessible to all survivalists out there and entertains various financial situations.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable focus
  • Includes hunting light kit


  • 1 light mode included (Green)

Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight

The Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight arrived in a light plastic case and stores all of your flashlight gear in once place.

This hunting flashlight includes four interchangeable LED modules, including green and red.

The adjustable zoom makes this light adaptable to any situation, whether you are bowhunting or even on a nighttime fishing excursion. Or, for you, if you find yourself turning on survival mode in extreme conditions.

Its battery and charger are both impressive.

It includes two 18650 batteries that are made from a unique cathode material and are workable at high temperatures. They can be recharged for more than 500 times before you even need to consider replacing them.

The charger is compact. Both the charger and the batteries have automatic protection against overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits, which makes them safe to use. It’s suited to a universal 18650 Li-ion battery type. The red color indicates charging, and green color indicates a full charge.

The price of this hunting flashlight is reasonable but falls on the more expensive side of the spectrum, compared to the other flashlights included in this review.

We believe the KL52Plus will be a smart choice for hunting and survival purposes and will be an excellent long-term investment.

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  • Includes 4 Color LED modules
  • Suitable for various weather conditions, including rain
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable focus


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Light settings have been questioned by some customers

Orion H30 Predator Hunting Flashlight

The H30 provides survivalists with the choice between pure red or green light with no loss of brightness from filtering. The lights are equipped with a CREE XP-E2 color LED and can emit up to 300 lumens of light.

This flashlight is perfect for long-distance hunting as it offers a 273-yard throw. You’ll be able to both quickly scan your next target and keep your distance throughout.

Built to be indestructible, meaning it can withstand various weather conditions. The H30 is IPX-8 rated for water resistance and can help you thrive in both extreme heat and cold temperatures. The matte body, constructed from aluminum, is fall resistant up to 30 yards.

Like most survival products, the prices range from low to high, and budget-friendly. This flashlight falls on the pricier side of the spectrum, which is something to consider before finalizing any purchases.

The price is a reflection of what you get for your money, and with this flashlight, it includes a complete hunting kit that will prepare you for various survival encounters.

It includes a green or red flashlight, one holster, lanyard, rubber button, two silicone o-rings, one recharger with a 18650 battery charger. It has a pressure switch and three mount options.

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  • Available in 2 colors
  • Maximum brightness of 300 Lumens
  • Includes complete hunting light kit


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Faulty batteries reported by some customers

Primos HD Blood Tracking Light

What differentiates the Primos Bloodhunter tracking light from the other hunting flashlights on our list is its specific purpose to track blood, which is fundamental when hunting for prey.

This lightweight blood-tracking light, weighing only a pound and with a length of eight inches, will bring ease to your experience and won’t hinder your spirits.

It’s an excellent size, and weight to carry around with you by hand or stored in your backpack.

It also comes with a Cardura holster with belt straps for easy carrying.

It has state of the art blood-tracking technology, that has impressed the hunting world.

The Primos Bloodhunter, powered with 600 Lumens CREE XM LEDs, features two power settings, including the low illumination setting and the intense HD tracking.

The intense HD setting is reportedly too bright for some hunters, but depending on where the hunting takes place, you’ll have enough light to track your prey.

At a standard price, we believe the Primos Bloodhunter it is an excellent product to exchange with for a long-term investment.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Maximum brightness of 600 Lumens
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ideal for both day and night


  • Detects unwanted red objects
  • Light can be too bright for some hunters

WindFire Green LED Hunting Light

For a good range, anything around the 250-yard mark is considered to be more than enough to undertake various hunting activities.

And that’s precisely what the WindFire Green LED set.

The flashlight, produced by Cree Green LED, doesn’t use filters to power itself and will advantage you by not disturbing your prey and preventing a future meal.

This hunting flashlight also features a tactical pressure switch that can easily be installed from the rear – which gradually increases your range, all while saving your battery.

It is designed to mount on certain hand pistols, rifles and shotguns that include proper mounting equipment, this adds to your overall performance.

Included in the package, aside from the flashlight itself, is a barrel mount, rechargeable batteries, charger, and a pressure switch. The set offers a substantial amount for the price it’s going for on the market.

At a budget-friendly price, this compact flashlight is accessible to all survivors out there looking to better their survival chances and hunting technique.

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  • Comes as a complete hunting light kit
  • Water-resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Designed to mount on certain weapons


  • 1 light mode included (Green)
  • A little heavy in weight

What to Consider When Exploring the Best Hunting Flashlights

Looking for the best hunting flashlight requires a different process compared to a standard flashlight, where you’re more likely to pick one up from the shelf in the nearest shop.

When finding the best hunting flashlight, there are several factors to be considered before making up your mind. This will involve a substantial amount of research to ensure you are getting honest value for money.

ABSU FL1 Standards

Specific standards were introduced to even out the playing field for flashlight manufacturers, and knowing about this specific element allows you to interpret the details set out in the standards sheet of a product before making any purchases.

These standards include a number of elements such as light output, run time, beam distance, peak beam intensity, impact resistance and water resistance.

Light Output – refers to the lumens rating that denotes the total amount of light coming out of the front tip of the unit.

The Run Time – refers to how much time the light will take to reach 10 percent of its original output.

The Beam Distance – is the parameter of distance measured in meters at which the intensity of the beam gets to 0.25 lux, which replicates how much light a full moon outputs when the night is clear.

The Peak Beam Intensity – is measured in candela, refers to the beam’s brightest level and tells you how bright that particular level will be.

The Impact Resistance – is measured in meters and indicates the height from which the unit can get dropped onto a hard surface and remain usable, without the light getting broken or cracked.

The Water Resistance – measured in three levels, IPX4, IPX7 and IPX8. IPX4 units can withstand water splashes, an IPX7 model can get submerged to one meter for half an hour and still works, and a flashlight rated at IPX8 can be submerged deeper than one meter up to four hours and can still do its job.

Bulb Type

There has been a tremendous advancement in LED technology, and as a result, other bulb types have been neglected in many walks of life, and especially in the hunting world.

Nothing comes close to LED flashlights, with their exceptional run time, brightness versatility, impact resistance, and general energy efficiency.

These features are essential for a hunting flashlight to possess, and will increase your chances of both survival and hunting (and catching!) prey.

Beam Type

The lens reflector surrounding the bulb disperses the light.

Fixed or flood type: characterized by a single beam width and is good for general applications including walking and camping.

Focused or spot type: which is a single beam condensed as a spotlight that can penetrate long distances.


If you have a vast knowledge on the climate your experience will take place in, then a flashlight with one mode will be preferred.

However, if you want to prepare for the unexpected, then there are models out there that come with multiple operating modes such as low, medium, and high, including boost levels.

Acquiring a flashlight with two or more modes broadens your horizons, and enables you to cast an extra-strong light when needed.

It’s worth mentioning that brighter modes will reduce the runtime and will result in replacing batteries frequently, which can be inconvenient in a survival scenario.


The runtime, which is the cycle of the battery after each complete charge, measures how fast the battery output would drop to 10% of its maximum rating.

It is essential to know the runtime as this determines both the performance of the flashlight and how soon you’ll need to replace or recharge the battery.

So, for expected all night hunting, you will prefer to acquire a hunting flashlight with an excellent runtime rating.

Units can come from disposable batteries, with the most common sizes being double A and triple A. A more expensive choice is CR123A, which provides a higher voltage output despite being lightweight.

It’s possible to have a brighter flashlight even if the unit is smaller and less hefty, you must, however, do your research and know what’s best for you and more suited to your adventure.

There are rechargeable models on the market too. These models come with built-in lithium-ion batteries that can charge via USB connections.

To some, rechargeable models may steer away from the budget, but it compensates due to its low recurring operational costs, such as repeatedly purchasing disposable fuel cells.

Opting for rechargeable models also benefits the environment and reduces the waste that gets thrown into landfills.

Renewable units also tend to feature built-in batteries that can be juiced by cranking a turbine or via a solar panel, and this makes it an excellent addition to an emergency kit.


We hope the reviews have emphasized how useful a hunting flashlight can be in a survival situation.

While all of the products included on our list bring value to the table and work well for hunting, my pick for the best hunting flashlight goes to the Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight.

It shines the most because of its multiple features, overall performance, and general reaction from survivalists around the globe. Its price isn’t the friendliest to budgets, but we believe it would be an excellent long-term investment.

As always, thanks for reading! We hope our reviews have brought knowledge to your survival kit and have enlightened you enough to choose the best hunting flashlight to meet your survival needs.

Please leave any feedback in the comments section below, and if you have any suggestions for future topics or reviews, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

From all of us at Survival Front, Good Luck, and Happy Prepping!

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