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Wilderness Survival Packs

Last Updated: December 30, 2020

When disaster strikes and you’re stuck in the wilderness, a survival kit could be life-saving.

Taking a wilderness survival pack with you is one of the best ways to feel prepared for any emergency. These survival kits come with all of the essential tools to help you survive a scary situation in the wilderness.

Surviving in the wilderness requires you to ration your food and water wisely, and to be prepared for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. That’s where a survival kit comes in handy.

They can save you from having to improvise with natural materials, and can instead give you the equipment to help when you need it the most.

If you’re new to survival prep, choosing a wilderness survival pack can seem overwhelming. With so much choice on the market, how do you find the best survival kit for you?

We’ve narrowed it down to five of the best wilderness survival packs to give you a clearer insight into the right survival kit for you.

Our Reviews

TRSCIND Survival Gear Outdoor Emergency Kit

An ideal survival kit for wilderness survival, the TRSCIND Survival Outdoor Emergency Kit includes tools fit for tactical survival situations.

It features an 11-in-1 multitool card, which would fit in your wallet just like a credit card. This has multiple uses, and includes items such as a can opener, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a saw blade, amongst other survival tools.

This kit also has tools to help you stay warm in the wilderness. It contains a flint stone and a scraper, and they claim that the flint can start fires over 5000 times. A long-lasting piece of equipment such as this is one that is perfect for a survival kit.

In addition to its useful items, the packaging is fit for survival as well. The tools are packaged inside a compact, sturdy, and waterproof case, which is small enough to fit inside a backpack.

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  • Includes tactical tools that work well in wilderness conditions
  • Multitool card can fit in a wallet or pocket
  • Flint stone can start fires over 5000 times
  • The box is lightweight and waterproof


  • Doesn't contain first aid supplies
  • No batteries provided for the flashlight
  • Some customers have found that the compass is low quality

KOSIN Survival Gear Emergency Kit

If a fully-stocked kit filled with tools is what you’re looking for, then the KOSIN Survival Gear Emergency Kit might just be your answer.

Before you open the kit, you’ll see that it’s packaged in a durable and waterproof case, that weighs just over 1lb. It’s super lightweight and small in dimension, making it easy to carry with you in any survival backpack.

Inside the case, you’ll find an assortment of survival tools that would be useful in the wilderness. These include a cold steel tactical knife, a dual-tube whistle, multi-function pliers, a thermal blanket which retains 90% of your body heat, along with other helpful survival tools. The overall quality of the items are great, with many customers finding little to no issues with them when put to the test.

Generally, this kit contains everything you need for quick access in an emergency.

While there isn’t a complete first aid kit, the pack comes with single treatment supplies that will help you just in case.

Bear this in mind if you’re planning to be out for more than several days though, as you may need to pack additional items in your backpack.

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  • Includes a wide variety of high-quality survival tools
  • Lightweight and durable case can fit in a survival backpack
  • Tactical pen can break glass for emergencies
  • Paracord survival bracelet has a range of uses


  • Medical supplies are only single-use, so wouldn't be suitable for use over several days
  • Items can be difficult to repack once removed from the case

Oak Dweller Emergency Survival Kit

This Oak Dweller Emergency Survival Kit is a 14-in-1 kit, containing high-quality gear that will help you in the wilderness.

There is a great range of multifunctional items, making it a versatile kit that does more than just the bare minimum.

It includes useful tools such as a compass, a multi-mode flashlight, a knife, paracord, and a wire saw. In addition to survival tools, the kit comes with items for shelter, such as an emergency blanket, for when you have to take shelter unexpectedly.

Oak Dweller have also included a multitool card with 14 different uses. This card has a screwdriver, a ruler, a blade, a can opener, and other useful tools to help you in a variety of situations. The card also fits easily into a pocket or wallet, which is ideal for conserving space on the go.

The tools are packed in a lightweight, water-resistant, and specially designed box, so not only is it durable for survival, but it would also make a great gift for the keen survivalist in your life.

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  • Contains a wide variety of items with different practical uses
  • Multitool card is lightweight and compact
  • Flashlight has 3 different modes for survival (low, high, and strobe)
  • Box is durable and lightweight which is ideal for survival


  • Some customers have found that the compass is not well made and not particularly accurate
  • Doesn't contain first aid supplies

EVERLIT 40-in-1 Survival Kit

We’ve saved the most stocked kit for last on our list, as the EVERLIT 40-in-1 Survival Kit contains pretty much everything you could want from a wilderness survival pack.

This survival pack has practicality as a priority, as it contains durable and useful supplies that would work in many survival situations. These supplies include items such as a tactical pen, a luminous compass, a paracord bracelet, and a thermal blanket in a gold color, for extra reflection.

The items are carefully chosen to assist with survival, and are high-quality and multipurpose in their own right. For example, the paracord survival bracelet has a 400lb load and contains a whistle, compass, and scraper built-in to its design.

You will also get first-aid supplies in case of emergencies, that should you last you for a long period, even if you are in a group.

Not only is the equipment high-quality, but the bag itself is as well. It is a tactical MOLLE pouch, which has two large zipped compartments, and a smaller compartment that can hold a smartphone inside.

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  • Includes a vast amount of multipurpose survival tools
  • Includes a full first aid kit
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Can be used as an everyday carry
  • MOLLE construction means it can attach to a backpack


  • No batteries included for the flashlight
  • No manual for more complicated-to-use items, such as the fire starter

Tianers 16-in-1 Survival Kit

As a 16-in-1 survival pack, you can expect a variety of survival tools to assist you in the wilderness, with the Tianers 16-in-1 Survival Kit.

It comes with a three-mode flashlight, a cold steel tactical knife, a wire saw, a paracord bracelet, a compass, and a dual-tube whistle for when you need to be found. In addition to these tactical tools, the kit also includes an all-weather notebook and a tactical pen. The notebook could be useful for noting down significant landmarks or for planning a strategy for survival.

Besides the items, the case itself is appropriate for wilderness survival too. The items are housed in a military-grade MOLLE bag, constructed from 600 denier, water-resistant nylon. Despite being a durable bag, it remains lightweight, weighing around 1.3lbs, so it is easy to carry and will fit in a survival backpack.

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  • Includes useful survival tools, such as a compass and a dual-tube whistle
  • The bag itself is durable and water-resistant, as well as being lightweight
  • Includes a 5-in-1 survival bracelet
  • Items are generally high-quality


  • No first aid supplies
  • While the all-weather notebook could be useful, it is not essential for survival


It is important to think about the size of your wilderness survival pack before you make a purchase. While it may seem like a good idea to buy the biggest pack you can find that’s filled with the most gear, remember that you’ll have to carry it around with you.

You should already have a survival backpack on your back (you can check out our picks for the best survival backpacks here), which means you can’t be carrying around another large pack around with you.

This would only be inconvenient and is likely to cause strain on your muscles from carrying too much weight.

With this in mind, many wilderness survival packs are designed without any food or water included, in order to make them more compact. This is also because, in the wilderness, it’s likely that you could find your own food and water, should you run out.

Many emergency survival kits are designed to be small enough to fit in the pocket of a survival backpack, which would be ideal when it comes to saving space in a survival situation.

If you want your backpack to be as lightweight as possible, which is advised for survival preparation, then it’s worth considering a smaller survival pack.

However, if you are looking for a family or group survival pack, then bear in mind that these will typically be larger in size, so you’ll need to have space to accommodate for this.

Purpose and Potential Threats

When choosing a survival kit, it’s essential to consider the area you live in and what the main threats are to your survival. As we focus on wilderness survival packs specifically, the kits are designed to help you in a wilderness survival situation.

However, some kits are better suited for colder climates or natural disasters, so bear this in mind when choosing the best kit for you. It’s a good idea to prioritize your needs and what threats concern you the most.

When it comes to wilderness survival, you won’t be able to take large amounts of food and water, as it would be too heavy to carry for a long period.

However, you should consider a survival kit that can fit into your backpack, which includes useful survival tools to help you in an unexpected situation. Items such as knives, fishing lines, and wire cutters can help you to find food and water instead, and will take up less space in a backpack.

You’ll also need to think about how long your supplies will last you. If you are anticipating being away from home for longer than one night, then you’ll need a kit with potentially reusable and refillable equipment that won’t fail you over long periods.

Survival Equipment

Once you’ve considered the real, potential threats that you could face, then it’s time to think about which items are necessary to have in your survival pack.

Although the packs can seem to have similar items, you should think carefully about which ones are essential to you, to avoid disappointment when disaster happens.

Food and water, although of course necessary for survival, could be better placed elsewhere than in your wilderness survival pack. You should have rations and water supplies in a survival backpack, but it’s worth considering whether you need additional supplies in your survival pack, as this will cause excess weight.

In the wilderness, you will need to prepare for dark nights. That’s why a flashlight is worth considering for your survival pack checklist. Many flashlights are also multipurpose with other features built-in, which is even better when it comes to saving space.

For your safety, you should also think about items that can help you to be rescued. It does no harm to have an additional whistle or a bright LED light packed into your survival kit. The wilderness is an easy place to get lost in, so items such as these could save you from real trouble.

Cost and Quality

There is such a variety of wilderness survival packs available on the market, which also means there are a variety of prices too.

Generally, the price will come down to the number of products in the kit. More budget-friendly options can work just as well as higher-priced ones, but bear in mind that they probably won’t include items such as food and water.

If you want a fully comprehensive wilderness survival pack, with food, water, and heavier items included, then expect to pay more for your choice.

This is why deciding what items are most important for you is vital, as it could save you money. Having a well-stocked kit will make you feel more prepared and ready for anything, but it could come at a price.

Some kits seem to have everything you need in them, but are all of the items really going to be necessary for you? Ideally, finding a balance between something within budget that also gives you a variety of survival tools is a sensible option.


Wilderness survival packs should contain more than just fancy gadgets. They could be a life-saving investment, and should be considered as part of your survival prep.

With that in mind, my pick for the best wilderness survival pack is the KOSIN Survival Gear 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit.

It has a great combination of tactical supplies and safety supplies, and you get plenty of tools for a budget-friendly price. The case also tips this one as my winner too, as something so lightweight and durable is just what you need for a survival situation.

Thanks for reading! We hope our product reviews have helped you to find a survival kit that works for you. Please leave any feedback in the comments section below, and if you have any suggestions for future topics, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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