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Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri

Review Last Updated: March 20, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • 1095 High Carbon Steel
  • Full Tang
  • Handle has good grip
  • Water-resistant


  • Premium price could turn off some potential customers
  • Big in size

Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri Product Review

The Tops Bushcrafter Kukuri is a great knife that can do just about anything; this outdoor tool is a pleasure to own and will undoubtedly lift you to your full potential during your survival journey.

This sublime machete is explicitly designed for both bushcraft and survival.

Crafted to have the right size and strength to complete various challenges in a survival situation, yet light-weight enough to prevent hand exhaustion and make it a smooth process throughout daily use.

With an overall length of 14 inches and a blade length of 7¾ inches, this lightweight knife weighs 1lb 6.2 oz and is featured on the lighter weight side of the spectrum.

A blade constructed with 1095 High Carbon Steel, with a black traction coating, makes it the perfect material to endure various weather conditions and climates you will find yourself in.

The handle, too, is made from black linen micarta – these materials combined increase its water-resistance ability meaning it can be used under harsh conditions and not injure your hands from continuous use over longer periods of time.

At a premium price, this product will be worth the long-term investment and guarantees a durable lifespan.

However, if this stretches your wallet, then we suggest sticking to your budget, as there are plenty of high-quality kukri machetes out there at an affordable price.

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