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Tac-Bar Ready to Eat Tactical Food Rations

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Five ready-to-eat food bars
  • Comes with additional survival equipment, including a compass and blanket
  • Includes 10 water purification tablets
  • 12500 calories in total


Today we'll be reviewing the Tac-Bar Ready to Eat Tactical Food Rations.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Comes with additional survival equipment
  • Bars are high in nutritional value and calories
  • Bars designed to last five days, making them ideal for short-term survival


  • Not suitable for long-term survival prep
  • Pouches are not resealable

Tac-Bar Ready to Eat Tactical Food Rations Product Review

The Tac-Bar Tactical Food Rations are secured in a compact, plastic ammo that is designed for easy transportation on the go.

You get more for your money than just food bars, however, as these rations also come with an emergency blanket, a magnetic compass, and fishing equipment, amongst other survival gear.

They also come with 10 Aquatab 49mg Tablets, which you can use to purify around 50 liters of water. These are a great addition to a survival kit and could be beneficial if you are stuck for clean water.

The bars themselves are high in nutritional value, fortified with vitamins and minerals to improve your energy levels. Each bar divides into three sections – one for each meal of the day. They are high in calories, with each section containing 840 calories. Some customers have noted that the bars are quite crumbly in texture, but overall this shouldn’t be too much of an issue when you need to survive.

If you are looking for flavorsome ration bars, the Tac-Bars may be the right choice for you. They contain a variety of ingredients, but the taste of the bars can be likened to cookie dough, which is excellent if you have a sweet tooth. There are a variety of ingredients in the bars, such as honey, whey protein, and oats, so bear this in mind regarding any allergies you might have.

One issue that lets these bars down is the packaging. While they are sealed and protected well, they are difficult to open and might require a knife, which is inconvenient. The pouches are also not resealable, so if you want to save some of the bar for later, you would need to carry your own resealable pouches.

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