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SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP)

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Black stainless steel
  • One-hand opening
  • Anodized handle
  • Multitool (can be used as a strap cutter, glass breaker and wire stripper)
  • Ambidextrous design


Today we will be reviewing the SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP).


A knife is undoubtedly an important tool to have on hand for survival, and can often be the difference between surviving in an extreme situation, or not.

The size and weight are arguably the most essential aspects of a survival knife and offers the best comfort for everyday carry (EDC). That’s why you should aim to get your hands on a survival knife that is compact and made from lightweight materials to bring ease to any survival situation.

SOG Speciality Knives, which established in 1986, has offered survivalists with a range of knives with military-inspired designs and everyday carry (EDC) for over thirty years. There’s no wonder it is one of the most prominent knife manufacturers in America.

Here, we will review the SOG Tactical Folding Knife, and find out how and why it has been added to many survival kits around the world.


  • Black stainless steel blade prevents corrosion
  • Reversible low carry makes it discreet in survival situations
  • Compact when closed
  • Versatile with three other key functionalities


  • Not spring-assisted, so some customers have found issues with the opening system
  • The safety lock can cause issues with getting the knife open quickly

SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP) Product Review

SOG Speciality Knives has crafted a sturdy and durable tool with its SOG Tactical Folding Knife (FF25-CP).

The blade, designed from black stainless steel, has excellent edge retention and can resist corrosion.

If you find yourself faced with a survival situation whereby you need to think and act fast, this knife could be a worthy companion. It includes a reversible low carry with a discreet clip, which allows you to make sure your knife doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

It comes with a one-handed opening mechanism and lock-back, which helps to keep your blade secure. The knife also has an ambidextrous design so you can easily defend yourself from surrounding threats.

This knife is favored for being lightweight and easy to carry, which is something SOG has excelled at for years. The knife, measuring at 4.8-inches when closed, makes it easy to comfortably store in your pocket or attach it to your belt or survival apparel.

It has a 3.4-inch partially serrated, folding blade. Its sharp point can puncture most materials, and your performance will elevate with its hard-anodized aluminum handle.

What will excite you even further is its ability to double as other tools undertaking a range of jobs that will inevitably occur in your encounter with the outside world.

It can be used as a line or strap cutter, a glass breaker, and even a wire stripper – which means it is suited to both grittier tasks and the more every day and in between tasks that are just as important to survive.

Usually, when a knife offers consumers with special hidden features, it compromises in overall quality and can mean an increase in size and weight. You don’t experience that problem with this folding knife, as the extra features get the job done effectively.

However, with every rise comes a fall. Where this knife takes a dunk is with its safety lock which proves folding back up difficult, but with that said, it is a price to pay to have an exceptionally secure lock system.

The price of this knife is average but might fail to complement some customers’ budgets. SOG doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty but they do provide assistance whenever you are in doubt or meet a problem with your purchase.


In the end, I think the SOG Folding Knife (FF25-CP) is an excellent choice for a survival knife that ensures safety and defense, all while possessing a lightweight and compact size.

It has a reasonable price tag attached to it and can be easily attained, and even with a slight stretch of your budget.

If a survival knife that holds a lightweight with a compact design is something you are on the hunt for, this folding knife might be the one for you.

Its Anodized Aluminum handle can take a beating and is surprisingly comfortable to hold even during the tougher cuts. When comfort meets durability, it makes for an excellent survival knife and is worthy of a long term investment.

We hope after exploring our review of the SOG Folding Knife, you have gained insight into the world of survival knives, what to look for, and what is best avoiding.

Above all of that, we hope you have weighed your options and decided if this knife is a match for you and your survival circumstances.

What do you think? Have you used this product before?

If you have any suggestions for future reviews or topics for us to discuss, please leave any comments in the section below, and don’t forget to give our page a share.

From all of us at Survival Front, we wish you a Happy Prep!

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