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Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw

Review Last Updated: March 20, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage is included
  • Curved blade cuts through stuff effortlessly
  • The blade is tree resin resistant
  • Impulse hardened teeth


  • The curved blade isn't brilliant for cutting out

Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw Product Review

This Japanese manufactured Silky Gomboy has 8.5 teeth per inch on the 9.5-inch-long blade. The strong teeth allow this saw to easily slice through both seasoned lumber and greenwood with impunity.

The precision-ground, impulse-hardened teeth combined with the premium Japanese handle offer superior performance and ergonomics. Whether you’re building, camping, woodworking, or doing some regular yard-work, the Gomboy Professional offers a saw for you!

This saw is popular amongst hobbyists and professionals for its incredible cutting performance on larger wood. The curved blade saws are faster cutting than their straight counterparts because the blade creates a peak in the cut and then knocks it off.

The razor-sharp and precision-ground blade provides fast, clean and smooth cutting. The blade locks securely into one of two positions, in line with the handle and flush cutting.

The blade resists tree resin and wipes clean easily. The non-slip rubberized handle provides a comfortable grip even in difficult operating conditions. Also, a clear plastic flip-lock carrying case with a belt clip is included. This is the ideal saw for your glove box or to carry on hikes.

The Silky GOMBOY has a 9.5” long blade and is 10.6” long when closed.

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