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Ray Mears’ Essential Bushcraft

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Written by leading survival expert Ray Mears
  • Compact and portable, with a waterproof cover
  • Covers a wide range of wilderness survival techniques
  • Clear illustrations throughout


Today we'll be reviewing the Ray Mears’ Essential Bushcraft.

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  • Written by leading survival expert Ray Mears
  • Compact and portable, with a waterproof cover
  • Great option for beginners, as it features essential survival advice
  • Clear illustrations throughout


  • May read as more generalized survival advice, rather than specific to the wilderness
  • Possibly too simplistic for advanced survivalists

Ray Mears’ Essential Bushcraft Product Review

Written by leading survival expert Ray Mears, even the book itself is suitable for surviving in the wilderness, as it’s a compact size and has a waterproof cover. It doesn’t get much more survivalist than that!

In this book, you will find advice on a wide range of wilderness-specific survival skills, including building fires, building shelter, how to tie different knots, and how to keep warm. This advice is featured alongside colorful pictures and clear illustrations, so you can get the full idea of how to execute a technique properly.

In addition to the advice in the book, Mears’s enthusiasm for wilderness survival comes through clearly in his writing. This makes it a great choice if you are looking for a dash of inspiration alongside high-quality tips and tricks.

Although the book features a lot of techniques and advice, some customers have described it as being too generalized to be called a ‘bushcraft’ survival book. It is worth considering this as a potential drawback, as the book may tell you information you are already aware of if you own more generalized survival books.

It also contains a lot of essential beginners’ advice, and if you are already knowledgeable about necessary survival skills, you may feel like this book is too simplistic for you.

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