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Portable Hand Chainsaw

Review Last Updated: December 11, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Portable Hand Chainsaw.

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  • Super sharp saw teeth
  • Gloves and paracord bracelet included
  • Budget friendly


  • Basic design

Portable Hand Chainsaw Product Review

This 36” pocket chainsaw is resistant to water and extreme temperatures. The length of this allows you to keep a safe distance from the branch while you’re cutting it while using long strokes at the same time,

Perfect for garden use or use in the wilderness, this pocket saw won’t let you down.

This product comes equipped with a paracord bracelet, a carry bag and a pair of gloves. For under $20, this product is excellent value for money.

The gloves will help prevent splinters on your hands when handling your chopped wood and bark.

The magnesium fire starter contains everything you need to get a fire going, so if you’re camping and need to get a flame going, you’re all set with this in your survival kit.

Just hold the two super durable handles, pull the body of the chainsaw, and saw back and forth until the wood glides off.

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