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Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent

Review Last Updated: March 19, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Trail weight of just 21lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great durability
  • High-quality materials


  • Premium price might turn off some customers
  • Only available in one color

Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent Product Review

Brought to you by Paria Outdoor Products, the Bryce one-person ultralight tent features a host of high-end features for a fraction of the price. Featuring 12 Y-stakes, Dyneema guy lines and 5000 mm silicone waterproofing.

The tent is also hosts two-way inner and outer zippers and mesh pockets amongst a range of other perks.

This ultralight tent comes in at a trail weight of just 2lbs 15oz, making it extremely easy to travel around with.

Paria Outdoor Products offer a lifetime warranty, and this product can be returned should any problems arise with it.

This tent has excellent durability, with aluminium poles/stakes and ripstop nylon. This tent has been put together with high-quality materials.

Rated at five stars, this tent is an excellent ultralight backpacking tent.

Unfortunately, this tent is only available in one color, yellow on the outside with an interior of red and grey. But this shouldn’t be a significant issue when it comes to choosing which tent is right for you.

This tent can also be bought in its two-person format for a slightly higher fee.

The length and height remain the same for both tents. However, the two-person tent has a 53-inch width, compared to a 36-inch width on the one-person tent.

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