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PANS Military Expandable Travel Backpack

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Expandable capacity, ranging from 39 to 64L
  • MOLLE webbing system for extra attachments
  • Water-resistant


Today we'll be reviewing the PANS Military Expandable Travel Backpack.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Expandable storage capacity makes it adaptable for different survival situations
  • MOLLE webbing system for extra attachments
  • Water-resistant


  • Not the most lightweight backpack

PANS Military Expandable Travel Backpack Product Review

If you are looking for a larger survival pack, this PANS expandable backpack gives you an adjustable amount of space. The storage capacity can be compressed down to 39 liters, or expanded to as large as 64 liters, making it a versatile backpack for a variety of survival scenarios.

As expected with most high-quality backpacks, it features the MOLLE webbing system, for easy external attachment. It also includes a mesh pocket on the outside, suitable for a water bottle or small item. The top of the pack also features a heavy-duty handle, should you prefer to carry the backpack off your shoulders.

It is made even more durable by its water-resistant design, and you can carry the bag comfortably using the adjustable sternum strap. Weight can be distributed easily by the added feature of a removable belt.

Although this PANS backpack boasts many useful features, some customers claim that it is not the most lightweight design, and this is possibly due to its expandable capacity. You should particularly be aware of this if you’re looking to head out for more than one day.

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