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Mossy Oak Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • 440C Stainless Steel Blade
  • Includes a heavy-duty nylon sheath
  • Firestarter and sharpener incorporated in the sheath
  • Full -tang rubber handle
  • Anodized blade


When encountered with a life-or-death circumstance, having the correct survival knife by your side will determine whether your chances of survival are cut short or if this is just the beginning.

Survival knives are used to perform a range of tasks during your expedition, such as hunting for food, chopping wood for creating a shelter, and even defense to tackle the unknown of your surroundings.

Finding the best survival knife can be met with great difficulty if you don’t know where to start.

That’s why you should start with us, and we will help guide you to finding a survival knife that best suits you, your ability, and circumstances.

The American company Mossy Oak, which established in 1986, is well known for providing survivalists with top-notch camouflage and outdoor gear and equipment, and it doesn’t disappoint with its survival knife.

Please continue reading for our exploration of the Mossy Oak 15-inch Fixed Blade Survival Knife to see if it ultimately has what it takes to elevate your survival chances, and bring success to your story.


  • Durable 440C Stainless Steel Blade
  • Soft but solid handle
  • Firestarter and sharpener incorporated in the sheath
  • Budget-friendly
  • Attractive exterior


  • Not a full tang blade
  • Concerns about durability

Mossy Oak Fixed Blade Survival Knife Product Review

The Mossy Oak 15-inch Fixed Blade Survival Knife has soared in popularity in the survival world, and we can see why.

First, it is on the market at a low price that will attract those on a budget, which makes it easy to access for survivalists of all backgrounds and expertise. Not only does it look the part, but it also has the substance to back up why it is a worthy contender to accompany your encounter with the outdoors.

The blade itself is made from 440C stainless steel that ensures excellent edge retention, rust resistance, and hardness of the material. The blade design has an enhanced edge, and you won’t find yourself often stopping to sharpen the blade inconveniently.

Its 4400C stainless steel blade is heat-treated and has a hardness of 58-60 HRC (Rockwell hardness), which shows the strength of the edge. Its rust-resistant material can also be used in various climates without the worry of a rusty knife, and therefore an underperforming knife.

With a blade length of 10-inches and a thickness of 5.32-inches, the Mossy Oak is an excellent size to store in your pocket, attached to your belt, or packed away in your backpack. It weighs 16.8 ounces and is an ideal weight that won’t burden your back when on the move.

It offers a full-tang classic rubber handle that is designed to create a firm grasp; its soft rubber properties provide high friction and a comfortable non-slip grip for use. Comfort is essential, and it is worth noting a rubber handle tends to give survivalists the best support.

You can depend on this knife, even in the most challenging situations. What also shines is that you can even saw off thicker branches with the back of the blade, which is serrated ⅔ of the way.

Included in the package is a fire starter, which works quite well, a mini-sharpener that will be useful when embarking on long-distance treks. You also get a sheath made from heavy-duty nylon with your purchase that keeps you, others, and the knife itself safe.

The sheath provides your knife with storage and prevents you from accidentally injuring yourself, which can hinder your survival chances.


After checking out the Mossy Oak survival knife, we do not doubt that this is a worthy choice to see you through a prosperous survival story.

The included fire starter and sharpener enhance your ability further by providing you with tools to start a campfire when needed, and to sharpen the blade when your adventure gives you time to rest and prepare for the next hurdle.

It is worth noting that you can acquire similar knives on the market, with the same materials used and without features, at a higher price. That’s why, for what you receive here with the Mossy Oak, I believe it is a fantastic contender and would assist you in surviving.

We hope by reading this review, you now have a solid understanding of the Mossy Oak survival knife, of all it has to offer, and where it takes a dunk in performance. What are your thoughts? Have you used this knife before?

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future reviews or topics, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Prepping and Successful Surviving!

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