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Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

Review Last Updated: January 5, 2021
Product Features
  • Includes 18 tools altogether
  • Many features are outside-accessible
  • All features are locking and can be operated with a single hand


Today we will be checking out the Leatherman Wave Plus multitool.

Do you want to be prepared when heading out into the wilderness? It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking, camping, mountaineering, hunting, or unexpectedly find yourself in an emergency, a multitool is a survival piece that always comes in handy.

Having a multitool is the equivalent of having a toolbox you can fit into your pocket, and won’t just make outdoor tasks fun but can be the difference between life or death, in challenging situations.

For survivalists, one of the biggest goals is to make life as easy as possible when it comes to selecting survival gear to perform different aspects of various situations.

The Wave Plus is Leatherman’s best-selling product and has soared in popularity with survivalists over the years.

We think every serious survivalist should own at least one multitool in their survival kit.

Let’s find out if the Wave Plus is special enough to be included in yours.


  • Reliable and trustworthy company
  • Comprehensive
  • Well-made
  • Looks attractive/classic exterior
  • Includes pouch for protection


  • The price might not be compatible with some budgets
  • No pocket clip included

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool Product Review

Leatherman prides itself on providing consumers, especially survivalists, with exceptional quality multitools and knives for three decades. When it comes to the Wave Plus multitool, they do not disappoint.

The Leatherman Wave Plus has all the essential tools of the original piece with the addition of replaceable, durable wire cutters. It includes 18 devices, which can be opened and locked quickly, to tackle most if not all tasks conveniently.

The tools include:

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Premium replaceable wire cutters
  • Premium replaceable hard-wire cutters
  • Electrical crimper
  • Wire stripper
  • 420HC Knife and 420 Serrated knife
  • Saw
  • Spring-action scissors

The Wave Plus, first introduced to the market in 1998, is an extension of Leatherman’s talent of effectively stuffing tools into a small package.

There are four outside access tools: a flat blade knife, serrated knife, saw, and combination diamond and metal/wood file. When you look at the edge of the outer handles, you’ll see the ruler markings.

Once opened, you’ll find regular and needle nose pliers and an impressive removable wire cutter design. The opposite side has a small wire crimper; it also includes both a little and large bit holder to bring variation to the screwdrivers you can use.

It finishes off with the not-so-important, but still essential tools such as a can/bottle opener, wire stripper, spring-action scissors, and a medium screwdriver, which will all come in handy should you experience an emergency.

Many of the tools mentioned above are outside-accessible, which means you can use them even when the multitool is folded and closed. This makes it easier to use and means less faffing around for when you need to think and act fast.

The included one-hand operable feature is useful for those fast-paced moments that are likely to occur in an emergency. However, safety comes first, and that’s why all tools have lock features to make it suitable for survivalists with all levels of expertise to use.

With a weight of 241g, the Wave Plus is pretty standard in mass for a full-function multitool. This is an ideal size for your backpack, hand, or pocket. The closed Wave Plus works well with pockets and pocket contents, and won’t cause any damage to other survival gear.

The Wave Plus comes with a belt sheath, which keeps it safe and secure from causing any problems. That said, the Wave Plus doesn’t include a pocket clip, which we believe are better carried with a pocket clip.

Compared to the Charge TTI, its sibling product, the Wave+ offers survivalists with almost-identical features at just under half the price.

That’s why we believe, although it might not be compatible with some budgets, it is worth extending your budget for and would be an excellent long term investment.


When we found out that Wave Plus is one of Leatherman’s best-selling multitools, we weren’t surprised. Its range of features makes it an excellent survival piece to see you through the darkest of days.

Its all locking, outside-accessible, and one-hand operable features all contribute to what makes it a reliable and safe multitool that can be used anywhere, with its portable size and weight, and accessibility.

Compared to its sibling product, the Wave Plus offers reminiscent features at a considerable drop in price, which provides quality with an attractive price that makes it easily obtained by survivalists of all backgrounds.

Do you agree? Have you used the Wave Plus before? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave any comments or suggestions for future reviews in the comment section below.

Happy Prepping!

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