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Hilleberg Unna 1 Person Tent

Review Last Updated: February 22, 2021
Product Features
  • Separable Tents
  • 4 Season
  • Dome Design
  • Free-standing
  • 9 mm Poles


Any survivalist knows that setting up proper shelter is important when it comes to increasing the probabilities of a successful excursion and lowering those of an unfortunate misadventure.  This becomes even more crucial while traveling solo, when you are genuinely on your own.

No need to fret: with the Hilleberg Unna 1 person tent in your backpack, you’ll have a roof over your head in no time to protect you from the most adverse weather conditions in any season.  Lightweight and easy to assemble, this tent is a high-end choice that will last you a lifetime.

Cream of the crop, the Hilleberg Unna proves that practicality, utility, top notch design, and the best materials can consolidate and create one of the most high-quality tents in the market.  We can’t wait to put this product to the test.

Let’s hunker down!


  • Excellent, no-tear fabric
  • Strong waterproof design
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy assembly
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Various color choices


  • Pricey
  • No vestibule
  • Footprint is sold separately

Hilleberg Unna 1 Person Tent Product Review

The Hilleberg Unna 1 Person Tent is a single person, fully free standing, light, quick pitch tent.

With a packed weight of 5 lbs. 1 oz, the Unna is not the smallest tent on the market, but it is surprisingly lightweight, especially considering its size and robust built.  Created with the all-terrain backpacker in mind, this all-season shelter can remarkably be pitched on a ridge, snow, or any adverse rocky surface.

After carefully reading the instructions, the set up takes less than 15 minutes to complete.  Because it is free-standing, it is not necessarily required for the user to use pegs while pitching the tent, but we do recommend it as an important, first step, in particular if the conditions are abnormally windy.

At least one corner should be secured with the provided aluminum stakes before spreading the tent out on the camping area and putting together the arch construction, which consists of two DAC Featherlite NSL poles.   Each DAC, bent piece is easy to connect, and, once assembled, form the 152.4 in. long poles, which have a diameter of 9 mm.  The lightweight result will become the dome support for the tent.

Said poles are then pushed through sleeves on the sides of the pin system and inserted into the plastic tensioning cups on the corners as the tent stands up and takes the desired curved shape.  Finally, the structure is secured with pegs on all sides and ready to use.

While the Unna was designed for one person, we admire that it’s spacious enough to squeeze two occupants.  We also notice that this tent does not have a vestibule, which is usually a given in freestanding models, but it has an option to make (interior) room on one side between the inner and outer walls by unhooking these from each other. The lack of this attribute, which explains the low weight, will be missed by those who are used to counting on that space.

With a total area of 27 ft² and height of 39 in, the detachable inner tent features a comfortable 90 x 42 inch bathtub floor.  A handy pocket on the bottom corner and high-quality zippers all around are welcome additions, but what we really dig about the tent door is the integrated vent design near the roof with a bug net interior to keep insects out.

The outer tent is even more impressive.  Manufactured with Kerlon, a waterproof, silicone-coated type of fabric, the walls are astonishingly strong and almost impossible to tear, yet still feel lighter than other materials.  We are fascinated with the superb materials and construction that went into making this tent feel robust and delicate at the same time.  Hilleberg is clearly not one to cut corners.

Condensation and ventilation are common concerns for campers who are looking forward to spending a decent amount of time resting in comfortable conditions.  The Unna design allows for any moisture created inside the inner wall to build up on the outer tent, which will drip onto the outside floor.

If one wants to avoid condensation as much as possible, air circulation is possible by clipping up the bottom of the outer tent.  Ventilation is also increased through the aforementioned bug net interior on the inner tent door top, which is protected by the small rain fly that is already adhered on to the outer tent.

As excited as we are about this product, the price tag attached to the Unna might discourage most survivalists and backpackers.  Estonian made and ISO certified, the quality of this Hilleberg tent is undeniable, but with much more cheaper options on the market, we can’t blame the average camper for choosing a less expensive alternative.

We are also slightly disappointed that a footprint wasn’t included in the bundle.  Considering the caliber of product, we perceive most people would want to preserve it with the utmost care, including while it’s in use; a footprint could positively do that by keeping the bottom of the tent dry and clean.

It also would have been neat if extra pole holders for the inner tent had been included as well.  If the weather is dry, there is no real need to put up the outer tent, but the user can’t pitch the inner tent by itself without these.  It’s a small detail that would have cleverly converted this into a 2×1 product.

These components do sell separately, and we are aware that Hilleberg is far from the only brand that fails to combine accessories and market them as an ensemble.  For the price, though, we feel they should be part of the package.

Nevertheless, we are satisfied with Hilleberg’s lifetime warranty that covers manufacture defects, although, as long as this level of craftsmanship continues, might never need to be honored.


True high quality application can be observed when the inner and outer parts come together and form a compact, superbly designed tent: the Hilleberg Unna.

After using this product, we can assert that it is the best made tent we have tested, and that, although above budget for most, it’s without a doubt an excellent shelter option.

From the outstanding materials implemented to the sturdy design presented, the Hilleberg Unna 1 person tent will make any solo camper, backpacker, or hiker a pleased costumer, and more importantly, a successful survivalist.

We hope you found this review helpful.  Thanks for reading.

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