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Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent

Review Last Updated: March 25, 2020
Product Features
  • Screen room
  • Window awnings
  • Storage pockets
  • WeatherTec - protected seams, wind-strong frame, zipper protection, and waterproof floors
  • 5ft 8" centre height


In a survival situation, a good night’s sleep helps to keep spirits and energy levels high, and if there is a group of you, it will keep morale at bay. That’s why, in order to experience good sleep, a comfortable and spacious tent is an essential item to include in your survival kit.

Finding the best 6-person tent can be a challenge with the market booming with choice, yet there will be only one that catches your eye.

Coleman, a major contributor to the outdoor market, believes that performance is everything. They offer a range of tents to survivalists, but today we will be exploring their 6 Person Evanston Dome Tent.

Please continue reading to find out what works and flunks with this Coleman offering, and to see if it’s a worthy choice to shelter you and your campmates during tough conditions.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Screen room provides good ventilation
  • Waterproof floor
  • 15-minute setup time
  • Trusted brand


  • Exterior is not fully waterproof
  • Some customers say the pole loops are unreliable

Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent Product Review

The Coleman 6 Person Evanston Dome Tent has proven to be a successful tent for outdoor-enthusiasts, but what makes it shine?

This dome-shaped tent measures 10ft by 9ft and has a 5ft 8-inch center height that provides plenty of space for six people. It also includes a screen room measuring at 10ft by 5ft, which makes room for additional space for a comfortable and pleasant experience during your encounter with the outdoors.

Storage is vital with whatever survival item you acquire and is even more essential when it comes to shelter. The Coleman dome tent doesn’t disappoint. The floor size is the equivalent of two queen-size airbeds, and if there are less than six people, it makes room for additional storage.

As well as space it offers, it also includes mesh pockets that are sewn into the sides of the tent to store any essential survival gear. These pockets can conveniently hold items that are essential to your safety, and you need quick access to, such as a pocket knife or flashlight.

Its Weathertec features make this an excellent tent to choose as a shelter to entertain a range of climates. The protected seams increase weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent.

For when a gust of wind turns into a storm, the Coleman dome tent is engineered to be a stronger, more wind-responsive frame with redesigned poles and guy-out triangles.

Although not an utterly water-resistant tent, its floor is waterproof because of the welding-inspired technology that strengthens the tent floor and eliminates needle holes. You won’t have to worry about water seeping through, allowing you to have a relaxing and carefree experience with the tent.

Thanks to the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves and Insta-Clip pole attachments, you can enjoy a quick and easy 15-minute setup, which gives you the time to get stuck right into the more demanding tasks of the outdoors to better your survival chances.

It is worth noting the tent is not freestanding, although it can stand on its own (for a good while), so for optimal results, we recommend being selective with where you choose to camp. The central dome is well supported, but the screen room and fly must be adequately fixed to avoid any issues.


Tents are arguably an essential part of a survival kit, as you’d struggle to endure severe weather conditions without them, and you won’t have much chance of surviving the struggles of the outdoors.

So, after exploring the Coleman Evanston 6 Screened Tent, we’ve found that this tent is on the market at an excellent price that will complement a range of budgets, and can be easily accessed by survivalists of all backgrounds and expertise.

The generous price doesn’t indicate a drop in price. However, this tent has its flaws. For the most part, it will keep you dry, but it isn’t wholly waterproof; therefore, problems might occur depending on the climate you’re facing.

Another issue we found with this tent is its pole loops as they are unreliable and can cause a delay in assembling the tent. That said, like any survival equipment, it is best to have a good understanding of how a product works to prepare you for any potential emergencies the future has in store for you.

Its unique shape and design have turned many heads, and it has garnered our attention.

What are your thoughts? Have you been sheltered by this tent before?

Thanks for reading! Please leave any feedback in the comments section. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please get in touch with us via our social media pages, which are linked below. We’d love to hear from you!

Good Luck and Happy Prepping!

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