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Baofeng Rechargeable Two-Way Radio

Review Last Updated: March 20, 2020


Today we'll be reviewing the Baofeng Rechargeable Two-Way Radio.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • Affordable/Budget-friendly price


  • Not water-resistant

Baofeng Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Product Review

This Baofeng rechargeable two-way radio, for its price and the shortage of features, is acceptable.

Known for its ease of use, to get started with these radios, all you need to do is turn the two walkie talkies to the same channel and then press the talk button; then, you can start communicating.

It is powered by 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for long time use, helping you during long days of difficulty and essential teamwork to achieve greater success in your survival experience.

It has a built-in LED light that helps you move around and communicate with other parties in the night, enhancing your survival ability during darker situations without the struggle.

These radios are not water-resistant, which restricts the environments you can use them without faults occurring.

Again, familiarize yourself with your adventure’s location and weather patterns.

We recommend either investing in coverage to protect the radios from water damage or only using them in dry climates.

At an affordable price, these radios do their job of providing clear communication with a range of up to 3-miles. A one year warranty is included for this item.

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