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Best Survival Lighter

Last Updated: December 29, 2020

A lighter might seem like an obvious essential to keep on hand for the outdoors, but, for survival, you won’t just want any old disposable lighter. A survival lighter is a convenient and lightweight way to ensure that you can keep warm and start a fire wherever your survival situation leads you. Finding the best survival lighter, however, can be a daunting task, with so many options to choose from. That’s why we’ve looked at five choices to help you pick the best lighter for survival. While we can’t guarantee any of these lighters are the best survival lighter in the world, we’re confident that some of these products come pretty close. We hope you find our reviews helpful, and that soon you’ll be carrying a powerful survival tool in your pocket.

Our Reviews

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

This is an excellent lighter for when you’re in a survival scenario. The Zippo Emergency Fire Kit features a flint spark wheel, which provides up to 1700 reliable sparks in any weather condition.

In addition to the spark wheel, the fire kit comes with 5 lightweight paraffin wax-coated cotton spark tinder, which can easily ignite with a spark or a flame. This tinder will burn for up to five minutes, which is great for those crucial times when you need to signal for help.

The lighter itself has the durability to match its strength. Built from ABS plastic and featuring a textured grip, it is comfortable to hold and shouldn’t slip out of your hands even in wet conditions. It also floats in water and has water-resistant storage, so it can survive contact with water and still perform.

Another feature that is useful for survival is the molded lanyard hole. This means you can keep the lighter close by attaching it to a lanyard, or clipping it onto your backpack, so you won’t have to rummage in your pocket for the lighter during desperate times.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Up to 1700 reliable sparks regardless of weather
  • 5 cotton spark tinder for additional fires
  • Water-resistant and floats in water
  • Durable design
  • Increased portability with the molded lanyard hole


  • Flint wheel needs replacing when it stops sparking
  • Some customers find that the Zippo tinder lights nicely, but the fire kit doesn't light other tinder nests as well

lcfun Waterproof Outdoor Lighter

lcfun Waterproof Outdoor Lighter is guaranteed to perform in wet conditions. It has a metal-ring sealed cover, along with an IP56 waterproof rating, meaning water can never seep inside the lighter. It is also windproof, which is ideal for survival situations.

It works by using a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and requires no gas or butane. It won’t need refilling, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice that will save you investing in fuel.

The lighter is durable and can withstand tough conditions, as it’s made from strong materials such as zinc alloy. For extra convenience, the lighter also comes with a thick lanyard, so it won’t be lost at the bottom of your backpack when you need it the most.

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  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • No fuel required makes it convenient and eco-friendly
  • Thick lanyard for easy portability
  • Durable construction against tough conditions


  • Some customers have noted issues with the charging port, claiming that it is a potential safety hazard and could explode if left on charge for an extended period

TACAMO Dual-Head Flameless Lighter

The TACAMO Dual-Head Flameless Lighter provides a 2000-degree light with a simple press of a button. It is easy to charge, and comes with a mini USB charging port so you can charge it up through your computer, car, or wherever is convenient for you.

The lighter includes a built-in LED emergency flashlight, with 3 different modes (Bright/Normal/Strobe). This is especially useful in survival situations, and can be used separately from the lighter.

It works well in most weather conditions, with a windproof design to help you start fires even in high altitudes. With a lightweight design, it is easy to transport and would fit comfortably in a pocket or survival backpack, without being bulky. It also includes a high-visibility lanyard, made from SurvivorCord, so you can keep it within your reach at all times.

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  • Flameless 2000-degree lighter
  • Easy to use with the press of a button
  • Built-in LED flashlight with 3 modes of light
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight
  • High-visibility SurvivorCord lanyard


  • Not budget-friendly

Phone Skope PYRO Survival Fire Starter

This survival lighter from Phone Skope boasts a sturdy and durable design, separating it from flimsy everyday lighters.

It works well as a survival lighter because it doesn’t require any fuel to function, making it an efficient tool that saves you extra time and energy. Instead, it comes with a 0.5oz can of blue pyro putty fire starter, that provides up to 12 wet fires and 30 dry fires, making it a versatile fire starter for any environment.

Versatility is a key feature of this fire starter. The putty is waterproof and wind-resistant, designed to burn through rain, sleet, high altitudes, and wind, so you can expect results no matter the conditions.

The lighter itself is also fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, and provides up to 300 lights per charge. This should be enough to last you a pretty long time, so you don’t have to worry about it dying while you’re on the go.

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  • Suitable for all weather conditions, even freezing temperatures
  • Pyro Putty provides up to 12 wet fires and 30 dry fires per 0.5oz can
  • Lighter has a long-lasting battery life, with up to 300 lights per charge
  • Compact and portable for ease of use


  • Some customers have found that fire doesn't last long once burned

Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter

As far as electric lighters go, the Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter is sturdy and powerful, making it a great pick for your survival kit.

It is designed with a waterproof and windproof structure, and doesn’t need adjusting when the altitude changes. It also doesn’t require any butane to work, so it is easy and convenient to use wherever you are.

The functionality is simple – one press of a button, and you’ll have yourself a flame. The lighter is rechargeable, with a built-in cable, meaning it can be charged wherever you can access a USB port. For your convenience, it doesn’t take long to charge, at around 1-2.5 hours to reach a full charge.

Once fully charged, you can expect between 250-300 lights out of this product. Its long-lasting capability provides reassurance during a survival situation, and is exactly the kind of durability you need from all of your survival gear.

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  • Waterproof and windproof
  • No need to adjust for altitude
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 250-300 lights per full charge
  • Easy lighting mechanism


  • Some customers have found that battery life is temperamental and doesn't always last
  • Charging mechanism can be unreliable


While disposable lighters are a cost-effective choice, they can’t be refilled, and as their name suggests, are thrown away once empty. A refillable survival lighter is a worthwhile investment, as it can stay in your backpack or pocket for years and always be topped up with fuel. If you purchase a disposable lighter, you run the risk of it failing you during the most crucial times, with no choice but to throw it away.

Long-Lasting and Reliable

The best survival lighter will be able to work no matter the weather. It should be able to perform come rain or shine. As soon as you flick the switch, your lighter should be lit up. However, different kinds of lighter perform better in certain climates. Wick-based lighters are known for working well in freezing conditions, yet the fuel system can start to leak over time. If you’re unsure of what the temperature is going to be like, then it may be sensible to pack a few different types of lighter for extra safety. A reliable lighter will also be durable, and able to withstand the likely bumps and scratches it will face when you take it outdoors. Durability also means it will perform well and start fires without being extremely close to the material. You should consider a stainless-steel lighter, as they last long even after extended use.


Water-resistance is an essential aspect of any good survival lighter. Different from matches, lighters should be able to work well regardless of wet conditions. However, if your lighter isn’t water-resistant, the mechanism could fail and land you in a difficult situation. Many lighters come with a waterproof casing, which prevents moisture and air from getting inside. You should aim to find a lighter with this feature, to stop it being useless in wet climates. Additionally, some survival lighters can light flames even when submerged in water. If this would be a useful feature for you, then consider this option before purchasing a survival lighter. You’ll want a lighter that doesn’t corrode or rust over time. The best way to ensure this is to find a lighter with a durable base material, that will be resistant to these effects.

Wind Resistant

Lighters are not the easiest item to use when the wind level is high. Especially if you find yourself stuck in the mountains, the wind is likely to be more intense, and a flimsy lighter will be more hassle than anything. That’s why we advise looking for a wind-resistant lighter. These are often known as ‘direct flame’ lighters, and are the best option for survival situations.


There is more to a lighter than simply starting a fire, and with that in mind, my pick for the best survival lighter is the Icfun Waterproof Outdoor Lighter. It is a fantastic choice for survival, as it can work in all weather conditions and is specially built to work even in wet weather, which means you can rely on it when the weather isn’t on your side. We hope our reviews have helped you to find the best survival lighter for you. It can seem overwhelming to choose a lighter that will be beneficial in more ways than one, but it is an important survival tool to have on hand. Thanks for reading! Please leave any feedback in the comment section below, and if you have any suggestions for topics, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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