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Best Survival Gadgets

Last Updated: December 26, 2020

Planning your next adventure and looking for survival gadgets to elevate your experience to new peaks? Look no further. Unique gadgets are being introduced to the market each year, and where most don’t maintain a place in a survivalist’s backpack, some make quite an impression. With a multitude of gadgets out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best survival gadgets to meet your survival needs. To bring ease to your search, we’ve reviewed five of the best survival gadgets and hope you find a device that best suits you and your endeavor. While we can’t guarantee these are the best survival gadgets universally, we’re confident that they each shine bright enough to provide success to your adventure.

Our Reviews

Paracord Survival Grenade Kit

The Paracord Survival Grenade by Prep2Go gives outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists the ability to make fire, food, and shelter when disaster strikes quickly.

This paracord grenade is explicitly designed for emergencies and prepares survivalists to perform various tasks, especially during the first 72-hours of survival.

It has an impressive 30 tools inside, including a knife blade, snap hook, and a rubber tourniquet band tubing, to name a few.

It would be an excellent long term investment, and won’t leave you wanting more. Why settle for just a basic fishing kit with a fire steel, tinder, and a knife, when you can have all of that and many more items as well?

If you have a water filtration system included in your kit, this product also provides water purification tabs to make surrounding sources drinkable and safe.

For what it includes, this product is at a budget-friendly price and will be a worthy addition to your survival kit – enabling you to fulfill tasks that would be a struggle without this kit.

The kit also includes a lifetime warranty.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes water purification tabs
  • Compact and small in size
  • Includes an 30 tools
  • Includes lifetime warranty


  • Durability of some tools has been questioned

IUNIO Military Folding Shovel and Pickax

You will most likely have regular shovels in your shed, but they are impractical to take with you on an outdoor endeavor.

We recommend investing in a folding shovel to entertain a camping or hiking trip best, as they are portable and compact, making it easier to handle on the move.

This Iunio military portable folding shovel excels in density. With a length of 17 inches, it fits in a carrying pouch with a belt loop to carry on your side and is easy to handle at any given moment.

This shovel is made from high-carbon steel, offering high strength and wear-resistance.

However, it is worth noting that this type of steel fails to resist corrosion and may rust in wet conditions.

This product is multifunctional and features a shovel board, saw, bottle opener, nail extractor, emergency whistle, and compass. Having all of these on your trip will make various tasks less challenging and will be performed with efficiency.

Iunio offers consumers a 31 and 35-inch shovel in their range to entertain different adventures and come in mini-editions for both smaller hands and minor tasks.

This product falls on the inexpensive side of the spectrum and treats a budget kindly, and have no doubt it will be an impressive addition to your survival kit.

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  • Multifunctional
  • Portable and compact
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • High-carbon steel - high strength/wear-resistance


  • Durability has been questioned by some customers
  • Not water-resistant

ThorFire LED Camping Lantern

We can easily see why the ThorFire LED Camping Lantern can help outdoor enthusiasts find their light in times of trouble.

These LED lights can be used for its original purpose, like a lantern, or it can be folded as a powerful mini flashlight, making it a portable multifunctional light.

It features two lighting modes to entertain different climates and situations. The high style has a 125 Lumen, and its low mode has a Lumen of 30, which makes it practical during the day and through the night.

With this lantern, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on replacing batteries often.

This hand crank and USB rechargeable lantern can be either charged via regular Micro USB charging cable or hand cranking when you run out of power supply.

A Micro USB charging cable and user manual come with the lantern, and ThorFire has your back with a one-year hassle-free service to resolve any potential issues with the lantern.

At a budget-friendly price, this lantern light is an excellent addition to your survival kit. It will be a significant long term investment to see you through many aspects of your survival experience.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Hand crank/USB charge
  • Two lighting modes (low and high)
  • Portable


  • Reports of problems with Micro USB

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is a multifunctional gadget that can be used to enjoy a meal or as a companion in self-defense.

It can operate as a spoon, fork, and knife. This multitool is an excellent choice to entertain various occasions such as camping, hunting, and fishing.

To have the ultimate experience with this spork, all you do is separate it in half and then attach it again when finished. Its easy-to-use nature makes it an effective and long-lasting product.

Its sturdy polymer plastic material makes this product extremely lightweight and convenient to hold in hand or carry in your backpack.
It has an overall length of 6.8 inches and its blade measures at 2.5 inches.

The comfortable handle constructed with Grilamid FWA LV-50H (a Polyamide material filled with 50% glass fiber) is flame rated and food contact acceptable.

This tactical spork is inexpensive, and for its ability to perform a multitude of tasks, it will be a credible choice to include in your survival kit.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from durable polymer plastic
  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight


  • The material's strength has been questioned by some customers
  • Its size might be too small for some potential customers

What Makes for the Best Survival Gadget?

There are hundreds or thousands of survival gadgets out there for you to explore, but this review has a select few that we believe offer excellent quality and performance. Survival gadgets make outdoor adventures better by allowing you to reach your full potential. The best survival gadgets will also ensure safety throughout your endeavor, which is essential to increase your survival chances. Survival gadgets, if designed well, can be fun to use and add exhilaration to your adventure – adrenaline will get you through harsh elements of your endeavor. It can motivate both individual and group performance.

Paracord grenade

Paracord grenades are excellent additions to survival kits. They are ultra-portable, super convenient, and can, in many ways, save your life. These grenades can hold up to 50+ tools and can work with less complicated tasks with only ten tools. There are paracord grenades on the market to suit explorers of every level and to entertain various budgets. However, even explorers on an amateur level need to be smart and have good knowledge and understanding of the tools they will be handling in their paracord grenade. Most grenades will come with outlines of each device!

Folding shovel

A shovel is an all-around practical tool for outdoor adventures and can perform multiple tasks. Folding shovels, in particular, can be a versatile tool and will be handy in various situations. When folding shovels were introduced to the market, it lifted survivalists’ experiences higher. Foldable shovels are compact, meaning you get the utility of an average shovel without having to carry it around. Instead, depending on the make, you can attach it to belts, backpacks and other survival equipment you may use. There are many things to consider when choosing the best folding shovel: Material – The best folding shovel will be made of a sturdy, durable material, the most common material being stainless or high-carbon steel. Portability – You never know when you’ll need the shovel, which is why you should find a folding shovel that is portable. If it is small in size and lightweight then it will be portable. Ease of use – Shovels with a D or T grip tend to provide extra comfort and grip when using, and the ease of use is important to the overall satisfaction of the product. Size and weight – There are many sizes on the market, but we recommend finding a shovel that is small and compact and one that is lightweight. Multi-purpose – A shovel that can act as a saw and an axe will mean less equipment to carry on your back, most folding shovels nowadays tend to be multitools. Durability – Folding shovels will perform a lot of hard work, and therefore need to have a durable design. It shouldn’t be a one-time use tool and must last you a long time while delivering high-performance.

Water filter

Using a water filter improves your survival experience incredibly and takes away the need for carrying large amounts of water in hand or on your back. This straight away excludes the burden from your expedition. The best water filter will make any source of freshwater you encounter drinkable and sieve out any bacteria that can cause potential health problems. For your health, a water filter is one of the best additions to a survival kit. The best water filter will filter out water contaminants such as E. coli, giardia lamblia, salmonella, hepatitis A and legionella pneumophila. It can benefit you significantly if you gain a good knowledge of the climate you’re in and the water source it has. Water contaminants can vary based on where in the world you find yourself in.

Camping lantern

Your senses are important in a survival situation, and sight is paramount. That’s why a good light source is needed when exposed to the outdoors, and you should consider a camping lantern to take with you. The best camping lanterns are compact, lightweight and waterproof. They will also double as a flashlight, and provide adjustable levels of lighting that can be used outdoors, in your tent, during day and through the night.


Survival gadgets allow outdoor enthusiasts to soar through survival situations, and the five devices featured in our review have all made an impression. However, there can only be one winner, and I’ve chosen the IUNIO Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax as the best survival gadget. Not only does it fulfill its shoveling duties, but this multitool also enables you to perform various tasks in different survival situations. It looks the part, and for its multiple functions, it is a fair price. The size and weight of this shovel make it compact and portable and brings ease to your endeavor. We are confident this shovel will bring much success to your survival story. We hope this review has enlightened you to the world of survival gadgets and now have an understanding of what to look for to enhance your survival chances. We hope even more that you’ve found the best survival gadget that best entertains you and your survival situation. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you have any suggestions for future reviews or topics, please, we’d love to hear from you. From all of us at Survival Front, Happy Prepping!

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