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Best Survival Belt

Last Updated: December 29, 2020

Being able to survive isn’t just about having the most flashy or expensive equipment.

A true survivalist is shaped by their mindset, and that means being open to improvising and making the most out of all the items you have at your disposal.

A survival belt is a multifunctional piece of gear that allows you to think like a real survivalist. They can be used to secure items in place, and the best survival belt can even work as a self-defense weapon when you need it.

Survival belts can look misleading, and some aren’t more than just fancy-looking gadgets with no real purpose. That’s why we’ve reviewed five products to help you find the best survival belt to suit you.

Our Reviews

Fairwin Tactical Belt

This Fairwin Tactical Belt is constructed from nylon webbing material, which is lightweight and breathable, perfect for when you’re walking for long periods.

It has a quick-release metal buckle, so you can undo the belt easily when you need to use it as a weapon or a tool.

The belt has no holes, and instead comes in three different sizes (small, medium, large). The buckle can be fully adjusted if you need to make the belt tighter or looser. It is also removable, which is useful if you find that it is inconvenient or unnecessary at certain times.

The webbing allows you to attach additional survival gear to it, which is exactly the type of convenient and multifunctional belt that you’ll need during crucial situations.

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  • Can attach survival gear to the webbing
  • Choice of sizes and easy to adjust
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Quick-release buckle is super convenient
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some customers have found that it's difficult to get the belt through belt loops on certain pants

Condor Tactical Belt

A highly durable and heavy-duty belt, the Condor Tactical Belt can hold plenty of gear.

It comes with two removable pistol magazine pouches, so you can carry a few extra survival items, as well as a handgun. A multipurpose piece of gear such as this is definitely worth having in a survival situation.

Designed from nylon, and with a 2” thickness, the belt is durable and built to last. The quick-release buckle is plastic and sturdy in its construction, but if it comes up against the elements, it will be prone to damage. However, this does make it easier when going through airports!

The size of the belt is adjustable, and can fit up to a 44” waist. It has four adjustable loops, so you can modify the belt as you please.

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  • Magazine pouches are great for holding extra gear
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Comfortable and lightweight to wear
  • Adjustable size
  • Budget-friendly


  • Plastic buckle won't hold up well against extremely cold weather
  • Has a military look, so won't be easy to conceal if you need to be discreet

Sierra Bravo Duty Tactical Belt

Built from heavy-duty 1680 denier nylon, the Sierra Bravo Duty Tactical Belt will be durable in almost any situation you’re faced with.

It contains a dual-belt configuration with Duraflex hardware, with a main belt and an inner belt included.

When it comes to survival gear, it needs to be able to withstand the elements, and this belt from 5.11 does exactly that. It is reinforced with water and abrasion resistance, so you can feel confident that it will last you a long time.

It is also MOLLE and SlickStick compatible, so it can hold essential survival tools like a flashlight or a knife.

It is multipurpose and adjustable and is available in seven different sizes. This means you can easily find your perfect fit, so you can feel comfortable and look the part.

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  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Won't wear and tear easily
  • MOLLE compatibility means you can carry extra equipment
  • Lots of sizes available and belt is adjustable
  • Dual-belt configuration gives you more room to carry tools


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Some customers have found that the buckle can unclip easily

Stylrtop Tactical Waist Survival Belt

The Stylrtop Tactical Waist Survival Belt is made from strong paracord, which unravels into 28 meters of rope that can be used for emergencies.

The belt has a pulling force of 550lbs, so if you need to use your belt to help build a shelter, or transport large items, then this belt from Stylrtop will get the job done. Having paracord double as a belt saves you from taking paracord separately, and is one of the most beneficial survival tools you can have on you at all times.

It will work in a variety of survival situations, and the paracord design makes it durable and multipurpose. It comes in a variety of black and green camouflage styles, which is ideal for wilderness survival.

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  • Paracord design is durable for survival
  • Strong pulling force means it will come in handy in all kinds of situations
  • 28 meters of rope is great for rescue situations
  • Would make a great gift


  • Only available in one size


For a great combination of a lightweight and comfortable belt, that still performs highly in survival situations, the Wolf Tactical EDC Belt is an excellent choice.

Made from high-quality nylon webbing, the belt is rip-resistant, so it’s strong enough to last you for extended lengths of time.

Its strength also means it can carry tools and equipment. You can attach a holster to the belt for a concealed carry, so you’re able to keep the most critical items on your person at all times.

It has a military-grade quick-release metal buckle, which makes fastening and releasing the belt stress-free. During tense situations, this will come in handy and make your life a lot easier.

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  • Durable nylon webbing is ideal for survival
  • Military-grade quick-release buckle
  • Rip-resistant construction
  • Holster attachment is great for concealed carry
  • Can carry large loads
  • 5 sizes available and can easily adjust if need be


  • Some customers have found that the belt is hard to fit through belt loops, and that the buckle is quite large

Ignore the Gimmicks

When choosing a survival belt, you should be wary of belts that claim to have an array of gadgets. Sometimes, these gadgets can be useful for survival situations, but you may find that a lot of belts like these are just gimmicky.

It’s worth considering whether a better quality belt would be more beneficial than a belt filled with gear that you might already own in your survival kit. A robust and high-quality belt will serve you better in the long run than one that is only good for storing bottle openers and fishing hooks.

Be aware of gimmicks when looking for the best survival belt, and instead prioritize well-made gear that will last you in all kinds of survival scenarios.

Belt Material

Survival belts are generally made from either paracord, leather, or webbing material. They all have different benefits, so consider these before making your decision.


Webbing is used for tactical-style belts, and is a popular choice because of its strength. Despite being durable and strong, webbing is a lightweight material that won’t weigh you down when you’re on the go.

Not only is it lightweight, but webbing also feels comfortable to wear and isn’t likely to rub against you or cause any irritation.

You should look up the military specifications beforehand if you opt for a webbing belt, however, as the strength of the belt can differ greatly. The tensile strength and resistance of the belt are generally measured by how many pounds (lbs) the webbing can pull before it breaks.


A paracord belt is a smart way to make sure you always have paracord at your disposal, as it is an extremely useful piece of survival gear.

Paracord has a variety of uses, due to the individual threads that make it up. Each thread can be unwound, and then used for different purposes, such as working as a fishing line.

As useful as paracord is, it is worth noting that some users of paracord belts find that they aren’t the most comfortable material to wear for a long period. This is because they’re usually quite thick, so there’s more material to irritate you, especially if you have a backpack on.

While paracord itself can be durable and strong, it might not do the most reliable job of actually keeping your pants up! As a belt, this defeats the purpose.

When choosing a survival belt, make sure you try it on before you head into the wilderness, or else you could find yourself not only without shelter or warmth, but without your pants too!


If durability is your main concern, then a leather survival belt might be the best option for you.

Leather is a sturdy material, which means it has a variety of uses. You can use it to help you move firewood, or even to maintain the edge on your survival tools, which isn’t possible with other belt materials.

Not only is leather durable and robust, but it also looks pleasing to the eye. A leather survival belt can be worn in everyday life or situations aside from survival, and it would look conventional.

Even if looks aren’t a concern of yours, a leather belt is a good choice if you need to be discreet about your survival tactics, as no one would suspect it to be so useful!

However, as strong as leather belts can be, they aren’t always the best at withstanding the elements. If you find yourself exposed to extreme weather conditions on a consistent basis, a leather belt will likely suffer more than other materials.

A First-Aid Tool

A strong survival belt is great to have on your person, as it can double as first aid assistance.

You can use your belt to create a tourniquet. When you need to stop bleeding, simply take off the belt and cinch it up tightly around the area to limit the flow of blood.

Your belt can also be used as a sling. If you do suffer an unfortunate injury during a survival situation, then you can use the sturdy survival belt to secure the limb and elevate it to speed up the healing process.

If your injury is more severe and you break a bone, then you’ll need a splint. A splint will be a rigid object, that you can place outside of the broken bone to secure it in place.

There are many items you can use as a splint, such as sturdy branches or pipes. Once you have your splint, you can use your survival belt to secure it in place around the bone. This helps to prevent more damage and could be a serious savior out in the wilderness.

A Survival Weapon

The more weapons you can have in a survival situation, the better. Especially if they’re as concealed as a belt will be, then your target won’t expect it, and you’ll have the upper hand.

Of course, you should only use it as a weapon for self-defense, and these are suggestions of how to use it should you need to.

Arguably the most obvious way to weaponize a belt is to use it as a whip. A whip creates a lot of force, which will have a significant impact on an enemy.

With enough of a swing, a strong survival belt will cause bleeding, and from the buckle end, it’s going to really hurt whoever’s (or whatever’s) on the receiving end.

While we don’t like to go into too many gruesome details here at Survival Front, a belt is perhaps one of the most powerful self-defense weapons you can use. You can use it to choke an enemy, which can, of course, lead to serious injury to your target, depending on the amount of force you apply.

Survival belts can also be used as a spear. To do this, simply use your belt to attach one of your survival knives to the end of a long branch. You may need to create holes in the belt for this to properly work, but it is worth doing if you need the additional survival weapon.

Survival situations can bring about all kinds of obstacles, and you might find that someone has entered your group and caused issues, or is trying to hurt you or others. A belt works well as a restraint for instances where someone is threatening you.

A survival belt can also work as a makeshift sling, so you can launch objects with great force. This will require you to modify the belt slightly, and you will need branches to create the power behind your sling.

If you can make one, they work great to project rocks and other large items into the distance to attack enemies from further away.

Carrying and Convenience

One of the key features of a good survival belt is how they’re ideal for transporting items. You should take a look at how many items your belt can carry, and how easy it is to attach tools if your belt has that functionality.

If you need to bind objects together, and you haven’t got any rope or wire on hand, a survival belt can do the trick. You can use the whole belt, or cut it into strips if that works better. If you aren’t afraid to cut your belt up, then it can come in handy for when you need some kind of cordage.

You can also use a survival belt to carry larger items or more cumbersome objects, as you can use it to secure them into a stack or a bunch.

In the wilderness, you never know what creatures are out there looking to get their hands on your precious food. A belt works well to fasten up all of your food for safer storage. You can wrap it up and hang it in a tree or a higher area to keep it away from unwanted guests.

Rescue Assistance

You will need to think about whether the survival belt can work to rescue people. This will depend on whether it unravels

If the belt is strong enough, it can work similarly to a sturdy rope, and pull people up out of a hole or a ditch.

A survival belt can be used as a stretcher, if someone is injured or you have a large animal that you’ve killed and need to transport for food. If you’re on your own, it won’t be easy to drag dead weight or another human, so your belt will come in extremely handy.


While a survival belt might not come to mind as the most essential tool to keep you alive, you’d be surprised at how useful they can be in an emergency.

With many survival belts to decide between, it can be hard to find the right one for you. However, my personal choice for the best survival belt would be the Condor Tactical Belt.

This belt has the perfect blend of durability and comfort, while being a budget-friendly price. You can’t go wrong with this well designed and high-quality survival piece of gear as the best survival belt for you.

All of the survival belts on our list would make a great addition to your survival wardrobe, so check them out and make the most of these great multipurpose belts!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback, please comment below. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please get in touch with us via the comments section or through our social media pages.

Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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