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Best Rechargeable Flashlight

Last Updated: December 28, 2020

You would think flashlights were a gadget of the past, what with smartphones with classic flashlights embedded into them taking over our lives, and making our traveling experiences more exhilarating.

Think again, there has been a revival of flashlights as a result of new technology giving us LED bulbs, maximum brightness, and beam distance improvement.

Rechargeable flashlights have soared in popularity over the years due to convenience, and there is now a range of products competing to be the best rechargeable flashlight on the market.

In survival mode, there are many elements to consider before getting your hands on a flashlight. It must have a generous battery life, stored in water-resistant cases, and be lightweight enough to bring about comfort to your survival story.

Research is essential, and luckily for you, we have narrowed it down to the five best rechargeable flashlights and hope you find one that will light up your adventure, as well as your life. Sit back as we take you through the best of the best.

Let’s meet the lineup!

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PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight

The PeakPlus tactical flashlight is explicitly designed to keep you safe from predators at night, so if your survival story could potentially star any predators, then this flashlight could be for you.

This rechargeable flashlight allows you to adjust its brightness to cover vast distances (600 feet). Its durable and robust battery delivers a considerable period of 5 hours before a reduction of light occurs.

Its compact design and lightweight hold make it suitable for various activities, such as camping, hiking, and hunting. This flashlight is easy to use and won’t cause a burden to your day-to-day excursions.

It weighs a petite 11 pounds and has a compact design of 5.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches, which will prevent the occurrence of hand fatigue during the arduous outdoor moments.

The storage case, where you can put the cables and flashlight itself in, helps make this product water-resistant and will able you to use it during all seasons – no matter the weather!

If a high-quality flashlight that is well designed, durable, and functional, all while not stretching your wallet much, is for you, then this torch is an exquisite option for you.

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  • High Lumen brightness
  • 5 Light modes & zoom function
  • Heavy duty
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some customer reports of low run time
  • Product's longevity has been questioned

PowerTac M5 Tactical Flashlight

Out of all the flashlights featured on this list, the PowerTac M5 offers the highest maximum brightness with an output of 1300 Lumens.

This tactical flashlight is an excellent choice, explicitly designed to illuminate your way around poorly visible or dark environments.

To make your excursion more successful, you can play with the various modes to adapt to the best brightness suited to your surroundings.

This lightweight and compact flashlight won’t exhaust your hand or cause strain to your back. It’s convenient to operate and designed to add efficiency to your adventure.

It makes for a highly water-resistant flashlight and holds an IPX8 rating, and is submersible up to 2 meters underwater. You won’t have to worry about finding yourself in harsh conditions.

Like most flashlights, however, you must keep the charging port dry to prevent any issues with charge.

Engineered to withstand small blows without problems, and you won’t have to worry about dropping it during hikes or stressful situations. However, it has an excellent grip that should prevent slips from happening.

For those who want to spend a small price on a flashlight, this torch may be out of reach, but after assessing its many quality features, we believe that this would be an outstanding long-term investment to see you through your encounter with the unknown.

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  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Maximum brightness output is 1300 Lumens
  • PowerTac M5 magnetic USB charger included
  • Multiple light modes to suit various environments


  • Reports of inconsistent light

Streamlight 75458 Rechargeable Flashlight

Streamlight, for many years, has gained quite the reputation for proving profound high-quality LED flashlights, and the Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED doesn’t disappoint.

The Streamlight 75458 comes with a complimentary charger and can charge up to 100% in just 4.5 hours, depending on the input used. The charger is durable and can last up to 1000 cycles, which is sustainable for extensive periods.

It holds an IPX4 rating, which means it is water-resistant and will work when used during light showers.

However, its rating is not water submersible, meaning it should not be dropped in water as it could cause future problems to the light, and hinder your survival.

The modes and runtimes are impressive. This flashlight includes 3 main types of style: high, medium, and low. The high mode offers a total run time of 1 hour and 30 minutes with a light output of 800 Lumens.

At a premium price, Streamlight offers you a high-quality product with many features and a long lifespan.

Yet, you should consider the weather conditions you know you’ll experience before finalizing any purchases. If torrential rain and wet conditions are present, then this flashlight might not be the one for you.

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  • Approx 50,000 hour lifetime
  • C4 LED Technology
  • IPX4 Water-resistant


  • Run time has been reported average-to-low
  • Premium price could turn off potential customers

Anker Rechargeable LC40 Flashlight

The LC40 Flashlight is an exceptional size that is compact and lightweight for you to carry in your hand or backpack with ease. It has a smartly designed pocket-sized chassis, and its anti-slip grip makes it comfortable for you to use.

This powerful flashlight has made it to our list for several reasons. Not to show off, but it is also one of the most economical rechargeable flashlights on our list and featured on the market.

When it comes to the light it emits, this torch has an adjustable focus that will give you 900 lumens of broad or spotlight coverage and can adapt to your survival environment.

Its water resistance is also impressive and holds an IP65 rating, which will see you through the lightest of rain and can withstand more profound threats. It is an excellent flashlight to use when hiking or fishing and will complement your adventure immensely.

At an affordable price, the Anker Bolder LC90 offers customers a generous amount of features at an attractive price. Its eco-friendliness and ability to shine up to 2 football fields in length at 900 lumens make this a flashlight worthy of your time and money.

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  • Water-resistant
  • Easy grip
  • Budget-friendly


  • Power switch has been reported flawed and inconsistent
  • Product's durability has been questioned

Pelican 7600 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Pelican has provided police, military, and professionals with premium flashlights for years, and will be suited to various survival environment due to its many impressive features.

The Pelican 7600 is a product of quality, offering a functional design and excellent performance; this flashlight could be one of many items helping to bring success to your survival story.

It offers additional LED colors, a standard white and extra red and green led, with a color code can be used in an emergency. Included are night vision and traffic control when paired up with pelican accessories, which enhances your potential in unexpected situations.

It offers high, strobe, medium, and low modes to entertain different environments at a range of times throughout the day and night.

It has a 944 Lumen on high mode, 479 Lumen on median mode, and offers an economy mode of 37 Lumen, with a maximum beam distance of 225 meters and a runtime of 3 hours.

The removable pocket clip and its IPX8 submersible status increases its water-resistance and makes this flashlight an impressive product.

The price of this rechargeable flashlight might turn off some customers.

Still, if this Aerospace aluminum pelican that looks as good as it performs sparks your attention, it could be an excellent long-term investment to brighten up your darkest of days.

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  • Up to 944 Lumen (high mode)
  • Additional LED colours, with 4 modes
  • Easy manipulation of buttons
  • Heavy-duty


  • Battery life is average-to-low
  • Product's durability has been questioned
  • Product's price could turn off potential customers

Understand Your Needs & Desires

Like any survival items included in your survival kit, it needs first to be suited to you as a person and must withstand the conditions you’ll find yourself in during your adventure.

You need to know your budget, most flashlights on the market stick to a particular price range but will vary based on brand and what it offers. To help you choose a torch for you, we recommend reading through our buyer’s guide and while doing so, keep three things in mind:

  • Quality
  • Brand reviews
  • Price

There is a Light that Never Goes Out

Most flashlights on the market utilize LED bulbs because they are the most efficient light produces, when you compare it to the old Incandescent – when you look at both light output and durability.

You’ll be predominantly outdoors and, therefore, shouldn’t invest in a flashlight that levels under 100 lumens because it won’t be sufficient for outdoor use. For smaller outdoor activities, we recommend a torch featuring between 100 and 300.

However, for more strenuous tasks that I’m sure will be involved during your survival, it is time to think big and see bright. The bigger the lumen, the better, for nighttime use, and for assisting you in your survival.

The next bracket would be between 300 lumens and 600 lumens, and with a brightness this high, you would be able to light up your back yard or even a football pitch.

To survive the unknown, it is crucial to think about the exposure you’d need during the darkest, windiest, and wettest of nights. These harsh weather conditions are hard enough; you don’t need to endure them without visions of success.


The run time of the flashlight is essential because you won’t have the time or desire to charge your flashlight regularly. You want to be using it more than charging. Otherwise, you’re not using it to its full potential.

The power and light output have a considerable effect on runtime, and depending on how often the flashlight will be in use, it will undoubtedly drain your battery. It’s crucial to check if you need continual light and, if not, then restrict your time using the light.

Beneficial to the environment, flashlights tend to feature an economy mode for extended use and helps to monitor your frequent or infrequent use of the torch. Again, it’s good to find a light that will best help undertake particular activities.

Beam Distance

To explain, the beam distance (also known as the throw) is effectively the distance of how much the beam of light is still visible from the flashlight. How bright the LED bulb is, will have a tremendous impact on its visibility.

There should be a Focus Setting, giving you the ability to change the flood diameter of the flashlight’s beam. The lengths and widths you choose will depend on the environment you’re in and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Most flashlights will offer multiple light colors, and these are useful for night vision and even strobe emergency settings, which is handy in any case that may require a distress signal.


If you’re enduring wet conditions on your travels, then you should consider the water-resistance of the flashlight, and sweep out the competition from there.

In general, water-resistance measures on the IPX scale, so the material and how well-orchestrated the design is of the flashlight will determine how low or how high it scores on the IPX scale.

The lower the number, the least water resistance the flashlight will be. For example, IPX4 would mean your flashlight is splash resistant, whereas IPX8 could endure water at 1m for up to 4 hours.

If water is going to be a common theme during your experience, then you should look for the higher IPX scores on the products out there.

Size, Does it Matter?

Of course, it matters. If you’re strolling through the park walking your dog, then you certainly don’t need a 3000-lumen 12-inch military-grade flashlight to accompany you through such a small activity.

However, in survival mode, you won’t know what cards the unknown has in store for you, so it’s always best to prepare yourself for a combination of outcomes.

That being said, be sensible with your decision and fit the flashlight to its usage. Survival is serious stuff, so take selecting your survival gear seriously too.

Ease of Use

Rechargeable flashlights, like a great deal of survival gear, have experienced significant evolution and are so varied that you’ll find one best suited to you and the activities you’ll be pursuing.

Sometimes, however, being spoilt for choice can be stressful, which is why finding yourself a compact and lightweight flashlight will do wonders for your overall survival story.

Most survivalists are looking for items to add to their survival kits to bring ease and not hinder the performance of spirits while out competing with the unknown.


Flashlights have astounding significance during encounters with the unknown, and especially help you tackle problems in low-visible and dark environments and can prevent you from accidents and, more seriously, death.

There are a variety of rechargeable flashlights with countless features. So it can be met with difficulty when choosing a flashlight that best compliments you and the endurance you’re about to undergo.

That’s why you must find a high-quality flashlight that provides the best of the best for the type of survival adventure you’re about to embark on and what it entails.

After deliberation, I believe the PowerTac M5 Tactical Flashlight is the worthy winner here and is our best rechargeable flashlight.

However, all five flashlights featured on this list would all make impressive lights for survival, and we hope this guide brought ease to your decision-making process.

Thanks for reading! Remember to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Survival Front Team.

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