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Best 8 Person Tent

Last Updated: December 28, 2020

It is without question that a tent is a crucial component to a survival kit, and if you’re outdoors for an extended period, you might want to consider getting your hands on an eight-person tent. There are many features to craft an outstanding 8 person tent, and without specific characteristics, you will struggle to say you have the best 8 person tent on the market. 8 Person tents can be suited to survivors hosting a variety of parties. If you’re a lone-survivor who enjoys plenty of space for your freedom and gear, then you might opt for one. If you’re a couple exploring together, then there will be plenty of space to set base. Or, if you’re part of a larger group, then this is an ideal sized tent for you and the rest of your comrades. At Survival Front, we’ve completed the research for you, and after reading the product reviews and buyer’s guide, we hope you find the Best 8 Person tent, best suited to you and your future feat!

Our Reviews

Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent

The Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent is an excellent size for you and other people included in the adventure.

It measures at 13×9 feet, with a rooftop measuring 6.8 feet, and this is a standard size for a Coleman 8 person tent.

It is cabin-sized and can feel like a home with its many home inspired elements, including a door and windows. The tent also features a built-in closet to keep your survival clothing and gear protected.

Coleman offers a WeatherTec system that endures the wettest conditions, this system includes patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry. The rainfly also creates better airflow and protects you from wet weather.

A longer setup time can be expected with 8 person tents.

This tent offers a Fast Pitch design that promotes a 9-minute setup if followed with precision. Some customers have doubted this timeframe, but if you do you prepare yourself before you start your adventure, you could have it set up in no time.

At an affordable price, this tent is easily accessible to the masses who need to set up a haven amidst the challenges surrounding outdoor life. The generous price in any product can mean a compromise in quality and longevity.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast Pitch design (approx 9 minute setup)
  • Includes built-in closet and storage space
  • E-port included, for electrical survival gear


  • Zipper quality has been questioned by customers
  • Low price could indicate poor material and lack of longevity

Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 8-Person Tent

The Kodiak Canvas camping tent is a hit with campers for its traditional design, and the technology used to protect you from the extreme weather conditions has turned many heads.

This 10×14 feet canvas tent leaves you with plenty of room to not only survive but to find comfort in your survival. It has a spacious 6.6 feet ceiling height, which provides walk-around comfort and creates a carefree nature among comrades.

The ventilation system is fantastic, which includes two funnel-flow vents, helping airflow in warmer temperatures and trapping. This smart system helps you survive in both the hottest and coldest climates.

Like most 8 person tents, it is heavy and can cause struggle to those on foot. In a regular setting, you will have a car to transport more substantial items. However, in survival mode, it will be hard to maneuver around various obstacles with this tent.

The tent isn’t free-standing. However, it offers a hassle-free set up with an efficient teardown, which is convenient if several locations are on the horizon.

This Kodiak tent is on the pricier end of the spectrum.

However, the price of this tent shouldn’t turn you off because there is impressive longevity attached, and it will last you a very long time. If this tent shines bright, it’ll be an excellent long-term investment to shelter you through your survival.

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  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Includes two funnel-flow vents
  • Includes four large windows
  • Durable and watertight


  • Heavyweight
  • Medium-range price could still be expensive to some potential customers

Outdoor Waterproof Large Canvas Wall Tent

Whiteduck offers survivalists a vast amount of features with this outdoor canvas wall tent.

Being a wall tent, it is exceptional in size and has a center peak height of 8.5 feet. Meaning it is the type of tent that has four straight vertical walls that provide more headroom than traditional pyramid-shaped tents, automatically providing you with complete comfort.

This four-season shelter can withstand various weather conditions, all year round, and is sold in a 10 person tent also, providing larger groups with comfort during troublesome times.

It includes a substantial amount of storage and enhances flexibility by adding a porch for extra functional room and has a flysheet for added protection.

Its durable 3-layer large triangular distinctive windows with a durable velcro fastening system allow for natural light to get in without losing the heat from your stove. Its durable materials throughout make this tent a long-lived product and will be worth the investment.

At a premium price, this wall tent could potentially turn off potential customers and restricts accessibility to a majority of outdoor enthusiasts.

However, if you’re a survivalist and plan on enduring the unknown for a considerable amount of time, then maybe investing in this tent could be the finishing product to bring success to your experience.

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  • Durable materials throughout
  • Wall tent maximizes overall space
  • Comes in various sizes, up to 10 person tent


  • Premium price, might turn off potential customers
  • Setup time might be time-consuming

Outbound 8-Person Tent

The Outbound 8-Person Tent is a spacious tent that will provide you with plenty of room to create a home away from home. It measures at 14×8 feet, with a rooftop of 6.4 feet.

It is an excellent choice for those of you who don’t intend to take a car with you on your adventure and will be backpacking and taking on the unknown on foot.

Lightweight 8 person tents are obscure in the tent industry, so if a canvas with a lightweight is essential to you, we recommend this 18 pounds Outbound tent to make your outdoor venture a breeze.

A tent that can handle breeze is a tent to invest in, and this Outbound tent is noted for its ability to withstand the strongest of winds. You’ll be able to sleep knowing your shelter remains built after many gushes of wind.

With its fiberglass “easy up” technology, it quickens the setting-up process. Its sturdy and durable fiberglass frame system ensures you with a swift assemble, making time to get stuck in on your adventure.

During survival mode, bagging yourself a sublime tent is important, but finding one with a desirable set-up time is just as crucial.

At a budget-friendly price, this tent is easily obtained for the masses, and if you’re looking for a shelter that compliments your wallet while withstanding various weather conditions, then this could be for you.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight, suitable for backpacking
  • Easy setup


  • The longevity is questionable
  • Not four season, suitable for hotter conditions

NTK Laredo GT 8 Person Camping Tent

NTK has been a prominent force in the tent industry for decades and takes pride in its full-sized tents, and this 8 (to 9) person tent doesn’t shy away from excellence.

Measuring at 15×10 feet, you could easily fit more than 8 people in this tent, but as survivalists, you will need substantial space for all your survival gear. For comfort, it’s best occupying around 7-8 people.

The tent weighs just over 23 pounds, which could cause inconvenience to your back if you’re not traveling in a car. However, it isn’t the most substantial tent on the market and is quite generous with both its size and weight.

The floor is a solid piece and designed to be water-resistant and anti-fungal. Although a 3 season tent, the Laredo can thrive in many conditions. It has multiple mesh vents and windows to help circulate airflow, and for the harsher, wetter conditions, you get full coverage with the featured rainfly.

Included is a mosquito mesh, with its inner tent being completely breathable and keeps you safe from unwanted bugs.

Most 8 person tents are complicated and tend to use around 8 rods to keep them up.

The Laredo, instead, uses 4, which won’t consume as much of your vital time and will give you more focus on the serious aspects of your trip. The floor layout makes for a quick assemble and leaves you with plenty of space.

At a standard price for an 8 person tent, the Laredo offers survivalists the opportunity to create a cozy, safe space to go back to after times of struggle.

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  • 3 Season tent
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes mosquito mesh


  • Longevity is questionable
  • Has trouble in windy conditions

How Many Occupants Can Fit Inside?

An 8 person tent can, of course, fit 8 occupants comfortably inside. However, they will differ in size and design, so it’s crucial you know the measurements before concluding your hunt. Know yourself and your crowd. It is essential to consider the height and weight of yourself and the other survivalists joining you on the adventure. When you have acknowledged how many parties there are, then you need to know what you want the tent to provide for you first and foremost. Everybody survivalist is different and, therefore, has distinct needs and desires to be entertained before taking the plunge into the unknown.

Size and Weight

A tent is going to be the bulkiest part of your survival kit, bringing weight to your experience, regardless if it is ultralight or low in width and height. You should expect the tent to have a substantial weight to it. You won’t find a tent of this capacity small enough that is backpack-friendly, most of these tents are designed for eight people parties and made to be transportable, suited to a vehicle, rather than on the back. In a typical camping setting, you’ll most likely have a car, but if you are forced into survival mode, a vehicle might not be an option. Most tents, however, will have shoulder straps or other features to make it easier for you to carry around. When wall tents are involved, you’ll expect to have a more prominent center height, which maximizes the overall free room of the canvas. The typical size for an 8 person tent is around 14×10 feet with a roof height of just over 6 feet; however, it will vary on the manufacturers and the customers they aim to attract.

Weather Protection

The tent that sparks the most interest to you will withstand extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds and torrential rain. Before you finalize your purchase, you must be confident in the chosen tent to amuse every weather condition imaginable. Many tents out there will feature water-resistant properties; however, we recommend finding a shelter that is entirely waterproof to prevent inevitable problems caused by the rain. Hydrostatic Head ratings are available for you to explore the lower and higher values on the market, the higher the rank will determine what offers the best tent for wet conditions. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a wind-resistant tent. The last thing you want is, after setting up your home away from home is for the shelter to collapse after the slightest of breezes. For windier climates, you’ll need to stake your tent to stabilize the tent. Most tents have these included, but some will mean an extra purchase. Consider the climate your experience will be held in and the weather that pairs with that atmosphere.

A Home Away from Home

You might not have considered it, but regardless of the length of time you find yourself in the outside world, what you want is for your tent to feel like a temporary home away from home. Even though you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, if the tent you choose brings comfort, then you’ll find a soaring of success throughout your adventure. Cabin-style tents are more likely to provide the familiarity of everyday home life, and if this is something you prioritize on a challenging trip, then consider the cabin-style options out there. A homely feeling can maximize group spirits, making the entire experience more endurable — an inspired morale results in an inspiring adventure.


A tent’s longevity is determined by its overall design, and the materials used to create the design. Most 8 person tents will be built from either canvas, nylon, or polyester, with each holding their own. With 8 person tents specifically, more people are involved and therefore higher chances for problems to occur with the material and overall quality. That’s why it’s fundamental to do your research. When it comes to finalizing your decision, you must know that a good survival tent will have proper ventilation. Nylon and polyester tents promote breathability, whereas if a tent is completely waterproof, it won’t be as breathable and air won’t be able to flow easily. Canvas is a durable choice; the material is sturdy and protective and is also water-resistant. However, because of its durable properties, you must consider the weight this material holds if you’re on foot Because of their lightweight design and high-quality water resistance, tents made from nylon or polyester or best suited to survival purposes and might be ones you want to put emphasis on.

Additional Storage and Features

Storage is important for any tent but is particularly hunted for when searching for the best 8 person tent. Most 8 person tents on the market, because of its bigger size, will have storage space for both clothes and survival gear. You need to consider how much clothing and gear you’ll have with you before making your decision. Some cabin-sized tents will have closet and shelving replicas on the sides or back of the tent, which creates a homely feel.


Tents are arguably an essential part of a survival kit because without one, where else would you be able to create a home away from home? It can be quite a challenge to find the right tent to suit your survival needs, and that’s why it’s essential to have a good understanding of who you are and what your survival journey will entail. Despite the catalog of tents, my pick for the best 8 person tent would be the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent. This tent was our best born-survivor for a variety of reasons. It combines durability and strength with a homely and spacious interior, which provides you and your entire group, a complete survival experience. Its price is middleranged and is a true reflection of the quality of materials used throughout, and we believe, makes it our best 8 person tent. However, all five tents featured on this list would all make exceptional tents for survival, and although you are the decider, we hope we helped you make that decision. Thanks for reading! Echo your voice in our comment section. If you have any suggestions for future reviews, please get in touch with us via our social media pages, which are linked below. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Good Luck and As Always, Happy Surviving!

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